Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Music Monday At Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

Colbie Caillat, Carolina Liar and Mat Kearney performed at MyFM's New Music Monday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood on Aug. 8. Each performer sang their latest single, plus some older hits, in an intimate, acoustic setting.

Mat started the show with a too-brief three-song set, singing "Nothing Left To Lose", "Closer to Love" and his latest, "Hey Mama". Carolina Liar sang, I believe, five songs. The only one I knew was their big hit from a couple of years ago, "Show Me What I'm Looking For". Honestly, the only thing I remembered about their set was that one of the guitarists looks like Adam Levine, they sang a song about drinking vodka, and the lead singer told us about 20 times to get louder. I counted 11 such commands before the second song ended. :|

Colbie sang five songs - "Fallin' For You", "I Never Told You", a cover of The Script's "Breakeven" with Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car", "Bubbly", and her current single, "Brighter Than The Sun".

Hey Mama, from MyFM

Breakeven/Fast Car

Brighter Than The Sun

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