Wednesday, July 06, 2011

SYTYCD8 Top 14 - Second-String Show

Top 14 night on So You Think You Can Dance saw the show bring in the second-string crew of choreographers. Only one of the (relative) top tier choreographers, Mandy Moore, had a routine on this week's show, and as a result, we really only got one standout routine. Hers.

We also got another week of non-challenging genres for Ryan/Ricky and Sasha/Alexander. Yep, another jazz and hip-hop, respectively. Meanwhile, Jordan/Tadd got their second waltz in three weeks, and Ashley/Chris got a poorly-received salsa.

Guys Dance, choreographed by Justin Giles
"Prague" by Damian Rice (iTunes)
Chris was very off in this performance. He was going one way, the others were going another. He needs to go.

Marko/Melanie - Jazz, choreographed by Ray Leeper
"Americano" by Lady Gaga (iTunes)
Good thing Melanie is such a beautiful dancer because they keep dressing her in the most awful outfits ever. The ending of the dance was clumsy, though. Melanie's last split jump (or whatever that thing is called) was awkwardly-landed, and Marko landed off on his side aerial right before catching Melanie. That was almost a disaster.

Sasha/Alexander - Hip-hop, choreographed by Shaun Evaristo
"To The Moon" by Miguel (iTunes)
Alexander still has no swag, and he gets totally swallowed up in Sasha's presence. They have like zero chemistry, and the best thing that could happen to Sasha would be to land in the bottom 3 so Alexander can GTFO.

Jordan/Tadd - Smooth Waltz, choreographed by Toni Redpath
"Nocturne" by Secret Garden (iTunes)
ANOTHER waltz? Seriously, show? I'm convinced they're giving them these different genres because they may be one of the few pairs who can actually handle it. I mean, can you imagine Chris or Alexander doing this or the African dance? LOL NO. Both Jordan and Tadd showed good extension, if not smoothness.

Clarice/Jess - Contemporary, choreographed by Justin Giles
"Light Through the Branches" by Celeste Lear (iTunes)
I agree with Travis - this was the best thing they've done all season. Jess was so much better than I anticipated, and Clarice was amazing! So precise.

Ashley/Chris - Salsa, choreographed by Liz Lira
"Mambo Beat" by Tito Puente (iTunes)
Their lift sequence was pretty awesome, but they really have zero chemistry. It's just as bad, if not worse, than Sasha and Alexander's non-existant chemistry. I would like to see Ashley with a different partner, but I am not sure that she'd survive another bottom 3 trip.

Ryan/Ricky - Jazz, choreographed by Chucky Klapow
"Fashion" by David Bowie (iTunes)
I was about to say that their technique is really strong, but then Ryan got sloppy on her last pirouette and nearly fell out of it. I wasn't feeling the choreography on the routine, but that's not their fault, and they did well with what they were given.

Caitlynn/Mitchell - Contemporary, choreographed by Mandy Moore
"To Love You More" by Celine Dion (iTunes)
They did such a great job in making the speed and aggression of their movements beautiful. So many of their lifts were jaw-dropping, especially the one where he flipped her over, dropped her into a split and pulled her back up. Wowzers.

Girls' Dance - Jazz, choreographed by Ray Leeper
"My Discarded Men" by Earth Kitt with Bronski Beat
Yeah, there's a reason why the girls get hyped so much. Compare and contrast with the guys' performance at the top of the show. They are so much better than them.

Bottom 3 Predictions:
Ryan/Ricky (I think Travis jinxed them)

I think the only way Ashley and Chris stay are if they somehow stay out of the bottom 3. So ... yeah. They're toast.

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