Thursday, July 14, 2011

SYTYCD Trims The Fat For Top 10

I've been calling for their ouster for weeks now, and finally, the time has come: Alexander and Ryan were sent packing on So You Think You Can Dance!

Weeks of lackluster performances finally caught up with the two. Ryan had been in the bottom several times but saved by the judges. This was Alexander's first time in the bottom, no doubt due to Sasha's popularity. I knew the second he hit the bottom, he'd be toast, but surprisingly, the judges were not unanimous in voting him out. SERIOUSLY, mystery judge (lol probably Sonya Tayeh)? His solo was sloppy, and he was traveling all over the place on his pirouettes.

Joining Alexander and Ryan in the bottom were their partners Sasha and Ricky, along with Caitlynn/Mitchell. Ricky's solo was masterful. So exhilarating, yet also so controlled. Caitlynn also danced very well in her solo, and I really enjoyed Mitchell's as well. I'm not a fan of the style of dancing Sasha does, but she's probably Sonya's dream dancer. Ryan's solo was blah, just like her dancing has been most of the season, and especially this week.

Also notable in the episode was the announcement that from this point on, the Top 10 will be dancing with All-Stars. The All-Stars announced are:
Melody (S1)
Allison (S2)
Pasha (S3)
Twitch (S4)
Comfort (S4)
Chelsie Hightower (S4)
Brandon (S5)
Kathryn (S6)
Robert (S7)

Alex Wong was supposed to be an All-Star, but last Saturday at an audition, he suffered yet another injury, snapping the tendon in his other foot. SO. SAD. I think he just isn't destined to be on this show. :\

Tonight's music:
Top 12 group dance - En Fuego by Sean Peter featuring Oscar Ramirez
Caitlynn solo - The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga (iTunes)
Mitchell solo - Ra by Nathan Lanier (iTunes)
Ryan solo - Not In Love by Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith (iTunes)
Ricky solo - Body Language by Queen (iTunes)
Sasha solo - Thinkin' About Your Body by Bobby McFerrin (iTunes)
Alexander solo - Palladio by Escala (iTunes)
Nicole Scherzinger - Right There (iTunes)

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