Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SYTYCD Top 12 Double Up

The So You Think You Can Dance Top 12 performed two routines apiece this week in the last week of the current partnership. The extra dances seemed to take a toll, as each couple had at least one routine that was sloppy at times (or two routines that were sloppy, ahem, Alexander). But sloppiness aside, I'm just glad we finally got to see some people challenged with ballroom. I was beginning to think this was called So You Think You Can Contemporary Dance.

Sasha/Alexander - Paso Doble, choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin
"Alley Dash/March of the Trolls" by Taylor Long/Rick Powell
He's a terrible partner. He can't support her and almost dropped her once or twice. The choreographers played it right in giving Sasha a strong part, but she made him look so weak.

Jordan/Tadd - Contemporary, choreography by Travis Wall
"Brotsjor" by Olafur Arnalds
Jordan has amazing strength in her legs. Tadd has amazing abs. They both danced so powerfully and so well.

Ryan/Ricky - Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff
"All I Need Is The Girl" by Frank Sinatra (iTunes)
There was an awful lot of nothing going on early in the routine. I think this is a trademark of Spencer Liff, as we will see later. And whoever did Ryan's makeup for this routine should be fired.

Caitlynn/Mitchell - Hip-hop, choreographed by Christopher Scott
"Break the Chain" by Lupe Fiasco featuring Eric Turner & Sway (iTunes)
Mitchell looked pretty natural in this, while Caitlynn was overcooking it. I hate to put it like this, but she looked like a suburban white girl trying to do a hip-hop routine. Their moves weren't quite in sync either.

Melanie/Marko - Tango, choreographed by Louis Van Amstel
"Triptico" by Gotan Project (iTunes)
They weren't quite perfect, and they had some moments of clunkiness, but it was a well-choreographed and very difficult routine. As Nigel said, that last lift was incredible.

Clarice/Jess - Lyrical Hip-Hop, choreographed by Christopher Scott
"Just The Way You Are" by Boyce Avenue (iTunes)
That portrait was CREEPAY but I really liked that routine. I thought it was sweet. Jess continues to surprise me.

Sasha/Alexander - Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio
"That's Life" by Aretha Franklin (iTunes)
I don't think Tyce gave them a good piece (shocking!). Aesthetically not the most pleasing, and whether staged or not, some of the moves were very clunky (and I thought that even before the end when he failed to lift her and then tried to drag her across the stage). Jesse calling it his favorite number of the night so far is mind-boggling.

Jordan/Tadd - Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff
"Out Tonight" from Rent (iTunes)
This was the worst routine of the night and right up there with that pedestrian hip-hop that Christopher Scott gave Ashley/Chris got in week one. Not Jordan & Tadd's fault, but they didn't overcome the bad routine either.

Ryan/Ricky - Cha Cha, choreographed by Louis Van Amstel
"Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" by Enrique Iglesias (iTunes)
Everything Nigel said, I completely agreed with. Ricky was workin' it, and Ryan was overdoing it and looked clunky.

Caitlynn/Mitchell - Contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall
"Piece Of My Heart" by Janis Joplin (iTunes)
I think these two have always been good at emoting well in their routines, although sometimes I feel like Caitlynn has been doing the same type of angry/pained dance every week.

Melanie/Marko - Contemporary, choreographed by Dean Casparay
"Skin & Bones" by David J. Roch
The dynamics of that piece were amazing! Loved the use of that light bulb, and their chemistry is off the charts. So sad the partnership is ending.

Clarice/Jess - Jive, choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin
"Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" by Robert Randolph & The Family Band (iTunes)
Clarice was a little bit sloppy, but Jess was really selling that routine for all that it's worth.

Bottom 3 predictions:

It should be Alexander, but, again, he's coasting on Sasha's popularity. I think the judges will get rid of Ryan and Caitlynn, but Ryan's been in the bottom more often, I believe. But she is the judges & choreographer's pet, so she'll continue to be safe. Sigh.

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