Saturday, July 02, 2011

Kevin Richardson Reunites With Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys regained its fifth member, at least for one night, when Kevin Richardson joined the group for a few songs during their NKOTBSB stop on Friday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Richardson, who left the group in 2006, surprised the sold-out crowd by walking onto the stage at the end of the catwalk in the middle of "I Want It That Way" (video) and singing his part of the song in the bridge. It was a special moment in one of the most fun concerts I've ever been to.

Even without the surprise reunion, the show was thoroughly entertaining, with both groups singing all of their big hits and collaborating with each other as Boy Band Supergroup NKOTBSB. Both groups were very interactive with the audience, and with the stage setup, featuring a nearly basketball court length catwalk, it was hard not to be. They each performed songs walking through the audience. Backstreet Boys brought four people from the audience on stage to serenade on "I'll Never Break Your Heart" (including one guy, brought up by AJ McLean). Donnie Wahlberg provided good fan service by tearing off his shirt (and whoa he's clearly Marky Mark's brother ... he's ripped!).

The show wasn't without its cheese - most of New Kids on the Block's songs are oozing, especially their earlier songs when they were younger. And that opening number with the "Viva La Vida" sampling was strange, as was the Backstreet Boys covering "Raspberry Beret" (lol no) before "Quit Playing Games With My Heart". I'm convinced that NKOTB knows that "Cover Girl" is the worst and that they enlist Donnie to take his shirt off during that song to counteract the cheese. But they somehow make it work for the thousands of adult women there who I presume have better musical taste now than they did. Sometimes it's just all about having fun and reliving your youth.

And for those looking for actual-fax good singing, there was opening act Jordin Sparks. Performing all of her singles (to backing tracks, unfortunately), Jordin put all the other singers that night to shame. She (or her musical director) also got a little creative, adding in a dance break-down with a snippet of Timbaland's "The Way I Are" in the middle of "One Step At A Time". And then she tacked on a medley of songs into the end of "Tattoo", singing Beyonce's "Irreplaceable", Jessie J.'s "Price Tag", Pink's "Perfect" and Black Eyed Peas' "Where is the Love".

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Jordin Sparks - Medley

Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

NKOTBSB - Opening number: Single/The One

NKOTB - You Got It (The Right Stuff)

BSB - Drowning

NKOTB - My Favorite Girl/Games

NKOTB - I'll Be Loving You Forever

NKOTBSB - Don't Turn Out The Lights

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