Thursday, July 07, 2011

Another Couple Goes Home On SYTYCD

In a completely expected elimination, the fourth consecutive couple was sent home on So You Think You Can Dance - Ashley and Chris. While I don't think this week's elimination was made with the intent to keep couples together (as I thought in previous weeks), I do think that they need to shake things up a bit, as some of these couples just have no chemistry and need to be paired with others.

This was Ashley and Chris' second consecutive week in the bottom three, and Ashley's second consecutive relatively lackluster solo. Chris did well again in his dance-for-your-life bone-bending solo, but he was terrible in the guys' group dance and mediocre in his salsa Wednesday. Chris hasn't been good in any of his choreographed dances, as Nigel pointed out. So it wasn't a surprise at all that either of them were cut.

It is frustrating, however, to see three b-boys go in three weeks, while Alexander coasts each week by virtue of having a popular partner in Sasha. The fourth b-boy, Tadd, was in the bottom three also, no doubt because he "drew" the ever-so-unpopular smooth waltz as his dance (his second waltz in three weeks).

And when Nigel Lythgoe actually has the gall to say, "The whole idea of the show is to do styles you're not accustomed to" while people like Ryan and Sasha haven't done anything outside of jazz/contemporary or hip-hop, I just want to throw my shoe at the TV.

For as much as TPTB are coddling Ryan and giving her everything in her style, she keeps landing in the bottom 3. Nigel may believe it's her partner Ricky who isn't connecting, but it's her and her shit-eating grin and meh solos. Her solo this week was better than her last one, but for someone who is good enough to work on the show with Mia Michaels prior to being a contestant, her solos are not up to snuff at all! Ricky's solo was fantastic - his leaps and spinning jumps are awesome and so controlled. As much as I was appalled at Tadd's song choice (1-2-3 by Gloria Estefan), I was also impressed by his handstand work and energy. Jordan got called out for overdoing her développés (or HMV as it is known to TWoPpers). Seriously, we get it, Jordan. You can lift your leg up really high. Move on.

Next week is the last week the viewers vote for couples. THANK GOD. Some fat needs to be trimmed, and quick. Although I'm sure my definition of fat wouldn't be the same as Nigel's. My only consolation is that there is no way the Top 10 will be ALL contemporary/jazz dancers. The only two non-contemporary/jazz dancers left are both guys. So only one of them will go next week .:P

Music from tonight's show:
Group Dance - Bollywood - "Kata Kata" from Raavan Soundtrack (iTunes)
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet - "Ends" by Mikael Karlsson (iTunes)
Ashley - "Lovely" by John West featuring Pusha T
Chris - "Scars" by Basement Jaxx featuring Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk (iTunes)
Jordan - "Commander" by Kelly Rowland featuring David Guetta (iTunes)
Tadd - "1-2-3 (remix)" by Gloria Estefan (iTunes)
Ryan - "Adagio For Strings" by Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (iTunes)
Ricky - "When You Say My Name" by Mario Spinetti (iTunes)
Florence & The Machine - "Cosmic Love" (iTunes)

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