Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anchors Away! SYTYCD Top 10 Dance With All-Stars

The Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance were given new life and a clean slate, with the previous partnerships being dissolved and All-Star dancers serving as their partners. Dancing without the weighted bricks known as Alexander and Ryan, Sasha and Ricky, in particular, flourished. Power couple Marko and Melanie continued to thrive even with other partners, and Jordan and Caitlynn seemed to turn corners with mature performances that impressed the judges.

Marko/Chelsie Hightower - Samba, choreographed by Jason Gilkison
"Cinema Italiano (The Ron Fair Remix)" by Kate Hudson (iTunes)
That was such a fast-paced routine with very difficult lifts and a high-octane speed in everything they did. Marko kept up with Chelsie somehow, and he showed off his athleticism with a straddle jump and a swan dive over her. Great routine (even with the crappy Kate Hudson music)!

Jordan/Brandon Bryant - Contemporary, choreographed by Dwight Roden & Desmond Richardson
"Who You Are (Live Acoustic Version)" by Jessie J (iTunes)
I could not take my eyes off Brandon for the first half of the routine (good lord, that spin jump into immediate splits!), but then Jordan did that spin with her leg all the way up, and she grabbed and held my attention the rest of the way. She was almost balletic in this routine. Another great one to start!

Tadd/Comfort Fedoke - Hip-hop, choreographed by Chuck Maldonado
"Look At Me Now" by Chris Brown, feat. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes (iTunes)
I was kind of disappointed with that one. I felt like Chuck could have actually have done more with the rapid-fire Busta rap. And Nigel's comments were pretty eye-rolling. The "you're a b-boy, you're not used to choreography" is so condescending. I did agree, though, that Tadd outshined Comfort, but compared to the other hip-hop on the show this week, this was inferior in so many ways.

Mitchell/Melody Lacayanga - Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio
"Take Off With Us" from All That Jazz (iTunes)
Poor Mitchell got saddled with another one of Tyce's shitty Broadway routines. The concept of it was all wrong, from costuming to music. As Neil Patrick Harris said, I didn't get it. It was not the kind of routine that will get anyone reaching for the phone (or laptop) to vote. 

Caitlynn/Pasha Kovalev - Tango, choreographed by Leonardo Barrionuevo & Miriam LaRici
"Malajunta" by Orquestra Color Tango (iTunes)
Caitlynn sold and performed this very well. She got so much slack last week for not connecting or for lack of proper emotion, but this week she was on point with it. And it was so cute how happy she was after receiving the judges' comments.

Sasha/Twitch - Hip-Hop, choreographed by Christopher Scott
"Misty Blue" by Dorothy Moore (iTunes)
DAMN. The routine of the night by far and one of the best routines of the season. Just an amazing routine with amazing chemistry and amazing dancing. Holy hotness! This is the first time I've loved Sasha this season. Between Alexander the Anchor not weighing her down anymore and omgTWITCH! being her partner for this routine, it was like the perfect storm of perfection.

Jess/Kathryn Mahoney - Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey
"The Lonely" by Christina Perri (iTunes)
NGL, I was afraid Kathryn was going to hit her head on that one lift because Jess couldn't hold her up high enough. I'm not sure this routine really did it for me as far as showcasing Jess. I thought Kathryn was amazing, though!

Melanie/Pasha Kovalev - Viennese Waltz, choreographed by Jason Gilkison
"Everybody Hurts" by Tina Arena (iTunes)
There is no doubt that Melanie is a beautiful dancer, and her moves are so flowy and graceful. I think I would have liked to have seen more in the routine. Compared to, say Marko's ballroom routine, there wasn't a whole lot of difficulty here.

Ricky/Allison Holker - Jazz, choreographed by Tyce Diorio
"Precious Things" by Tori Amos (iTunes)
CREEPY-ass routine! But amazing!!! Second-best of the night. Ricky got a lot of the blame by Nigel for him and Ryan not connecting, and I always thought that was crap, and he showed tonight that he wasn't the problem. He really showed how great of a partner and how amazing of a dancer he is.

Clarice/Robert Roldan - Bollywood, choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan
"Aila Re Aila" from Khatta Meetha Soundtrack (iTunes)
This show needs to retire Bollywood. I have no idea if that was done correctly. There were times when it looked like they were doing Latin dance.

I have a hard time saying much about the solos, especially when 80% of the routines are contemporary or jazz routines and consist of a bunch of pirouettes and leaps. So here's the music list instead :P

Sasha solo - "Syrup & Honey" by Duffy (iTunes)
Jess solo -"Come By Me" by Harry Connick Jr. (iTunes)
Melanie solo - "You're The One That I Want" by Angus & Julia Stone (iTunes)
Ricky solo - "Daylight Breaks" by Cassidy Haley (iTunes)
Clarice solo - "Royal T" by Crookers featuring Roison Murphy (iTunes)
Mitchell solo - "This Time" by John Legend (iTunes)
Jordan solo - "Tonight" by Lykke Li (iTunes)
Tadd solo - "Everything I Can't Have" by Robin Thicke (iTunes)
Caitlynn solo - "Cosmic Love" by Florence + The Machine (iTunes)
Marko solo - "More Than Anyone (stripped Version)" by Gavin DeGraw (iTunes)

I will say that I was impressed by the control showed by Melanie and Ricky. Caitlynn seems to fall out of her pirouettes often. And Jess's solos are delightful.

Two dancers are going home tomorrow. It's unclear as to whether or not they are the bottom 2 regardless of genre or just the guy and girl with the least amount of votes. I would surmise that Mitchell is most likely to get voted out amongst the guys. Depending on how they are doing the eliminations, I think he'll be joined by either Clarice or Tadd.

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