Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Voice Voting Rounds Begin

The Voice voting rounds kicked off with Team Christina and Team Blake competing for votes. One person from each team will be kicked off this round, and I think this group made it pretty easy for me to decide who to get rid of first. Although if you listen to the coaches, everyone is great. I don't think there was one critical thing spoken on this show. And I thought Steven Tyler's judging was ridiculous.

But before we began, we got to see the real reason why people are watching this show - because of the star power of the coaches. Like they did in the first show, they kicked things off with a group performance, this time singing a Queen medley. Adam Levine handled the high notes well on Bohemian Rhapsody. Cee Lo and Blake Shelton traded off vocals on We Will Rock You while Adam rocked a hot guitar solo. Blake was a pleasant surprise on this song. Christina Aguilera walked out in leather diapers high-waisted hot pants wailing away on We Are The Champions. This wasn't as awesome as their initial group song of "Crazy", but it was really entertaining.

Raquel Castro (Team Christina) - Blow by Ke$ha (Buy on iTunes)
I guess there is some strategy for Christina to pick a Ke$ha song - Raquel had a very good chance of sounding way better! Unfortunately, she wasn't that much better. She had some moments but her voice was shaky quite a few times. I think the addition of dancers on this song did help the performance - made it less American Idol/karaoke. Christina was such a stage mom during this song, though. It was a little creepy!

Jared Blake (Team Blake) - Use Somebody by Kings of Leon (Buy on iTunes)
Finally, a song that actually suits his voice (and is age-appropriate, unlike his audition songs). Unfortunately for him, it was pure karaoke cheese, especially once he got rid of the guitar.

Beverly McClellan (Team Christina) - I'm The Only One by Melissa Ethridge (Buy on iTunes)
This is a not-so-surprising song choice by Christina. Her stage presence is odd. The outfit, the running in place. But this is The Voice, I guess, so I shouldn't really harp on that too much.

Dia Frampton (Team Blake) - Heartless by Kanye West (Buy on iTunes)
Kris Allen slayed this song on American Idol two years ago, turning a tuneless rap song into a melodic, acoustic, poppy song. Dia's version was more along the lines of the Fray's more haunting cover. So it wasn't as groundbreaking as the judges claimed, but it was still really good. The only issue I had was with her 60's dress with the Peter Pan collar. Very Brady-ish.

Team Christina - Lady Marmalade
That was a really good group song - it gave everyone a chance to shine and it was well-constructed to work for all five of them.

Xenia (Team Blake) - Price Tag by Jessie J (Buy on iTunes)
She is too quiet and timid when she sings, and while I appreciate that she's trying to get more comfortable onstage, everything looks so forced. She needs to work more on not looking down so much when she sings - she needs to connect with the audience. Her voice, however, remains unique and cool.

Lily Elise (Team Christina) - Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie (Buy on iTunes)
Whereas the dancers worked for Raquel, I thought it was totally stupid for Lily. Raquel was singing a dance song and she actually danced with them. Lily just kind of walked around them as they danced. And she didn't sound good at all, especially towards the end when she started yelping or whatever the heck she was doing. I think this was my least favorite of the night.

Team Blake - This Love
HAHA Blake is trying to win Adam's affection by having his team sing his music. Xenia and Dia sounded really cool on the song mostly because it was different. Jared was the weak link - he's just super-cheesy to me.

Patrick Thomas (Team Blake) - I Hope You Dance by LeeAnn Womack (Buy on iTunes)
Thanks to Scotty McCreery, this will always be Nuts of Wonder to me, and if you're not singing those lyrics, you're of no use to me. Patrick's version was somewhere between middling to decent until he hit the key change, then it went to just bad. He could have used more critique than "I'm still waiting for you to take off your pants" and "there was some weird bromance going on with Blake and Adam".

Frenchie Davis (Team Christina) - When Love Takes Over by David Guetta/Kelly Rowland (Buy on iTunes)
This song took awhile to really get going, but when it did, Frenchie turned into such an ultimate disco diva.

1. Dia (B)
2. Frenchie (C)
3. Xenia (B)
4. Beverly (C)
5. Patrick (B)
6. Raquel (C)
7. Jared (B)
8. Lily (C)

Voting lasts until June 13. Votes can be cast via iTunes downloads, toll-free phone calls, the NBC Live app and online at

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