Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Voice Finalists Chosen In Least Suspenseful Result Show Ever

I probably should have saved myself some time and written this recap last night with the predictability of the voting on The Voice. The four people who got sent through to the finals - Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon, Dia Frampton and Beverly McClellan - were the best in their group, and they are also the ones kicking the most booty on iTunes.

The only suspense, really, was how big of a margin the cumulative coach/audience vote would be. There were two landslides and two races that were fairly tight. The landslides were for Vicci, who lost Cee Lo's vote, 49-51, but got 75% of the audience's vote, and Javier, who was the only one with a coach who tried to make his vote count (and who didn't cop out). Adam Levine gave Javier 65% of his vote in order to ensure that he made the final, but Adam could have given Casey Weston 65% of the vote and Javier still would have advanced, as he earned 73% of the public vote.

The other two results were a bit closer. Blake Shelton had the hardest choice amongst his team, and he was clearly torn between them, so he left it up to America, who voted in Dia's favor, 56-44%. Like Blake, Christina Aguilera went 50-50 on her vote, and Beverly advanced by taking 57% of the audience vote.

There was one surprise - I wasn't expecting an group sing at the top of the show! Actually, I was more expecting the coaches to perform again in some capacity since they seem to do this on every show (and LOL Cee Lo did perform after his finalist was named, singing "Bright Lights, Bigger City"). The semifinalists sang George Michael's "Freedom" with a sprinkling of "Faith". And while they managed to accomplish what many Idol group songs have not in the past (stay in tune!), it was sorely lacking some choreography and pointy poses. For me, it's really just boring without it, sorry to say. The staging of this was so awkward - when the group of Javier, Frenchie, Xenia and Vicci walked out, it was so nonchalant and/or stiff-legged (Xenia). The other group was more energetic, but you also need to control yourself and not spray the stage with spit while singing your opening line (Nakia).

For next week's finale, it sounds like they're going to do an "original song" (whatever that means) and a duet with their coach. The duet with coach could be interesting. I foresee Christina running Beverly over on their duet, something really quirky from Cee Lo and Vicci, and lots of high voices between Javier and Adam, and the best partnering coming from Blake with Dia.

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