Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Voice Finalists (And Coaches) Compete For Title

I find it pretty ironic that The Voice is supposed to be about finding the best voice, but in this week's final performance show, two of the four coaches heavily incorporated dancers or costumes or pyro (or all three, Mr. Cee Lo Green!) into the performances.

But we found fairly early into the season that this show was just as much about the coaches at it was about the contestants. As we saw with yet another group performance by the four coaches at the top of the show (Queen's "Under Pressure"). And later in the show with a random duet in the middle of the show by Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley ("Don't Drink The Water").

The four finalists (you know, the supposed real reason for the show), each sang an original song and a duet with their coach.

Javier Colon - "Stitch By Stitch" (Buy on iTunes)
Of the four original songs, I think I enjoyed this one the best, but it wasn't Javier's best vocal. He seemed nervous, and his throat closed up a few times.

Dia Frampton - "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty, with Blake Shelton (Buy on iTunes)
This whole performance is like opposite day for Dia. She's not in some 60's mom dress, she's in a suit. She's not rearranging a song. Everything that was unique about her on this show was stripped away. What in the world was Blake thinking?! Also, it was not the best song choice, to be honest. Dia's voice is too whispy and breathy for it to really pack the punch it needs. It was definitely more suited for Blake.

Vicci Martinez - "Afraid To Sleep" (Buy on iTunes)
Not a fan of the song. It sounds like a late 80's hair anthem B-side reject with no hook. That attempt at a glory note on the bridge was a mess, but she did sell it with all she had.

Beverly McClellan - "Beautiful", with Christina Aguilera (Buy on iTunes)
I laughed when I first heard that Christina picked her own song. But as soon as it started, I saw why. It was just as the song title says. Beautiful. Their voices blended well together, and Christina squelched her usual tendency to do runs all over the place. It was great.

Dia Frampton - "Inventing Shadows" (original song) (Buy on iTunes)
I'm torn on this song. There were parts I liked, but there were parts I was like "what IS this?". Same with her voice. Sometimes I think she sounds fantastic, other times I think she sounds bizarre (and omg it sounds worse on the iTunes version). So basically, that was like the Jekyll and Hyde of finale songs (and one without a hook). And, like Adam, I was a little distracted by the shadow dancers.

Javier Colon - "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson (duet with Adam Levine) (Buy on iTunes)
I think there were a few word screw-ups here, but damn, Javier sounded fantastic. And Adam Levine ......... holy hotness in that suit.

Beverly McClellan - "Lovesick" (Buy on iTunes)
This song is schizophrenic! The chorus and hook don't mesh with each other. It's kind of like that "Just Can't Get Enough" song by Black Eyed Peas - it's like 3 different songs.

Vicci Martinez - "Love Is A Battlefield", with Cee Lo (Buy on iTunes)
This is like Mad Max meets Flash Gordon. And they have to use children to match Vicci's height. LMAO. Vocally, I wasn't all that impressed, to be honest. I felt like Vicci was cutting notes short when she could have totally wailed on this song. Working in her favor, though, is the possibility that all the flash and pop and sizzle of the baby dancers, the pyro and the costumes will distract some voters from this.

This is really going to be a tight race, I think. Dia has been winning on iTunes, but her margin of victory against Xenia last week was fairly tight, so I'm not sure that she's totally winning the public vote. Javier has been the favorite since the beginning, but that rarely ends well for contestants (amirite Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey and Justin Guarini?). Beverly had the most memorable performance of the night with her duet with Christina, but she may be too far out of the mainstream to win the whole thing. And I thought Vicci was just average tonight. So who is going to win? I'm going to guess Javier, but you can't really go wrong with any of them in this competition.

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