Thursday, June 30, 2011

SYTYCD8 Top 16: Two Strikes And You're Out

With so many strong dancers this season on So You Think You Can Dance, the judges are finding it hard to get rid of anyone for any good, consistent reasons. So this week they decided to get rid of two dancers mostly because of the amount of times they've been in the bottom 3. Miranda and Robert probably danced well enough to stay out of the bottom, but America's vote put them back in there for the second time in three weeks, along with first-time bottom 3 performers Ashley and Chris and Caitlynn and Mitchell.

Based solely on their solos, I definitely would have kept Miranda. I actually thought she had the best solo of the whole group. Once again, I thought Robert had the worst male solo, so I agreed with that decision. I'm starting to wonder if Miranda was sacrificed in order to keep the pairings intact. Nigel told reporters after the show that he fought for Miranda to stay but was overruled. Ashley likely would have been the one to go if he had his way, and as much as I like her and think she's a beautiful dancer, I wouldn't have had a problem with her going since she really hasn't had any wow performances yet. Plus, her solo was lacking in content, big-time. Robert's solos have been lacking as well, although this one was better than his last, but it was easily the least impressive of the three. Mitchell's strength and grace was stunning (and he was amazing on the samba), and Chris did some cool tricks. I was a bit disappointed with Caitlynn's solo - she fell out of a turn and wasn't very clean.

I don't always enjoy the guest dance performances, but this week was an exception. The first group, AXIS Dance Company, featured a man in a wheelchair and a woman. The dance was inspiring and creative. And theatrical dancers Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian were STUNNING with their gravity-defying tricks and lifts.

A couple of quick thoughts on the performances from Wednesday:

TPTB are still trying so hard to tell us how much better the girls are over the guys. They're not even being subtle about it. Tyce Diorio created a group dance implicitly to capitalize on their strengths and "domination" over the guys.

They are also trying to so hard to make Sasha and Ryan happen. I don't think it's any coincidence that they consistently get contemporary and jazz, respectively, nearly every week, with a lyrical hip-hop thrown in to ~challenge them. Please. Give them some ballroom or even Broadway already! And they still show Ryan front and center in the group dances all the time.

Best dance of the week was Melanie and Marko's Nappy Tabs lyrical hip-hop. Marko sold this performance the second he lifted up his head and emoted so perfectly. He and Melanie have to rank right up there with the best pairing this show has ever had. They are both exquisite dancers. The show needs to costume that poor girl better, though. Holy ugly outfit! All the talk after was about all the kissing going on (between Marko and Melanie during the dance and between Nigel and Mary and Kristen Chenowith and Lil C ... and even Nigel and Lil C during critiques), but I don't think even that could overshadow how great that performance was.

Before critiquing Ashley and Chris, Nigel went on about how he tells the judges not to talk about the wrong song choice on American Idol and then proceeds to tell them that the music sucked and that the costuming and makeup was bad when he knows they have no control over this!

If I watched Ryan dance without looking at her inappropriately smiley or blank facial expressions, I'd probably like her.

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