Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Voice Wraps Up Battle Rounds

I was so busy with Idol last week that I didn't get a chance to recap last week's The Voice. It's just as well, since it was easily the worst episode of the season so far. This week's show wasn't much better, with just one group doing anything compelling. Of course, that was Team Adam. Adam could probably take his rejects as a separate team and contend with the others' A teams.

Adam Levine Battle #4: Jeff Jenkins vs. Casey Desmond - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John (Buy on iTunes)
Jeff has a really aw-shucks singing style and demeanor. I much preferred Casey's voice on this song over his twanginess, but you just knew based on prior screentime that Jeff was going to get this one, and Adam did indeed pick him, saying there was something "mind-blowing" about him.

Blake Shelton Battle #4: Xenia vs. Sara Oromchi - I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders (Buy on iTunes)
In the "Battle of the Shy Girls", does anyone really win? They were both shaky vocally, and they both seemed to retreat into their shells. Xenia didn't convey the proper emotion (she looked angry), and Sara projected more but was the pitchiest. As Christina said, Xenia has the more unique tone, but Sara was much more comfortable onstage. I think the stage issues can be fixed much easier than pitch issues, so it was no surprise that Blake picked Xenia.

Christina Aguilera Battle #4:
Cherie Oakley vs. Lily Elise - Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson (Buy on iTunes)
Pitchy from the start and totally overbaked by both ladies, especially Lily, who was singing in a really affected manner. Cherie bailed on the high notes on her part in the bridge, while Lily hit hers, and high notes are Christina's first love, and Lily was given the last spot on Christina's team.

Cee Lo Green Battle #4: Emily Valentine vs. Curtis Grimes - Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (Buy on iTunes)
I wasn't fond of either of them, to be honest. Emily's vocals went off the rails a few more times than Curtis's did, and that most likely did her in, as Cee Lo picked Curtis. Good choice. Much was made over their kiss onstage, but, like I said during the Glee season finale, I'm not really sure what the big deal was. It's just a kiss. Not that it really meant much in the long run. After seeing a news report on those two on my local news station, it sounds like they are already done-zo, even though she broke up with her boyfriend for him. Oops!

So the Battle Rounds are finally done, and we go to the live shows next. Thank goodness. I've about had it with people having to sing stuff ill-suited to their voices (thanks, BLAKE!) and having to shoehorn duets into the mix. The real competition begins next week. Let's get ready to vilify America for bad choices instead of the judges!

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