Friday, May 27, 2011

SYTYCD8 Auditions - Atlanta, Bay Area

The confetti from American Idol has barely been digested by Scotty McCreery and we've already moved on to Nigel Lythgoe's other (and often times way more superior) talent show, So You Think You Can Dance. Auditions in Atlanta and the Bay Area kicked off Season 8.

First up was Latin dancer Bianca Hinklerian , who was auditioning with her non-auditioning partner Giovanni, who I guess is too young to try out. I could not take my eyes off him. He's such a dynamic dancer. I'd take him over her in a heartbeat. But she was good as well and was sent through to choreography, where she earned her ticket to Vegas.

Ginnifer Goodwin look-alike and contemporary dancer Melanie Moore has incredible control of her body in addition to insane flexibility and beautiful lines. She's amazing! The audience and judges loved her, and she was given a ticket to Vegas.

Deon Lewsa Jr. & Damon Bellmon are basically there at the auditions for the ladies. Or so we thought. I was certain they would be a joke audition, but they can move, and they're hilarious! That's entertainment! I love these guys! Deon got a ticket straight to Vegas, and the judges faked Damon into thinking he was done before also giving him a ticket.

Marko Germar was shot by a robber and still has parts of the bullet in his shoulder. He auditioned to James Morrison's "If You Don't Love Me" and did a bunch of back-handsprings and interesting aerial moves. The judges enjoyed his audition but sent him to choreography, where he got his ticket to Vegas.

Kimalee Piedad danced to Sara Bareilles' "Gravity" and did a lot of stunts with her non-competing partner. I'm not sure how this is going to work once the format of the show kicks in, but the judges sent her through to Vegas.

John "White Chocolate" Palermo danced like he was in the 5th grade talent show. He didn't get the Vegas ticket, but he got hugs from the judges, so at least he didn't go away empty-handed

Kyre'e Batiste's grandmother, Miss Mandy, is a dancer, and Nigel asked her to join the judges' panel before he danced. She actually gave him an honest critique and said he did well but didn't use his eyes in the right places sometimes. OMG SIGN HER UP TO JUDGE IDOL. Lil C disagreed with her and made a comment about how grandmas have long belts, so she took off hers and spanked him. LMAO. He got a yes to choreography from Lil C and his grandmother, but in choreography he was cut.

In the Bay Area (auditions were in Oakland, not San Francisco, Cat!), Amber Williams wowed the crowd and judges. She has great extension and moves very quickly and aggressively. Nigel used the word zany. That's about right! She's a spaz and is totally going to annoy me this season, isn't she? Immediate ticket to Vegas.

Timothy Joseph is a daredevil tumbler/b-boy and did all kinds of tricks. I was of the same opinion as Toni Redpath, who thought it was all tricks and not much dancing. I didn't see any musicality at all. But she was overruled, and Timothy was sent to choreography, but he had to drop out because he hurt himself earlier and didn't want to hinder any of the females he'd possibly be dancing with.

Everything about former stripper Ieshia Moss is tragic. Her makeup, her wig, her missing teeth, her clothes. And her booty-popping start-from-scratch choreography. I can't. Marcos Prieto probably borrowed some of Ieshia's moves. That was a grande cup of not-so-good, as Tyce Diorio said. And Paul Keelan probably borrowed some of Ieshia's drugs with his audition. NO.

You knew Danielle Ihle was going to be good when they showed her talking about being homeless and fatherless. I thought she was just ok. The judges liked her pirouettes but thought she was lacking in emotion. Tyce said no to choreography, but she got yes votes from Nigel and Toni and earned her Vegas ticket then.

Ashley Rich moves beautifully and was such a contrast to the last girl. She's radiant! Nigel faked everyone out by asking if it was a yes to choreography but then disagreeing and giving her a ticket to Vegas.

D'on-que Addison had a sob story to tell, and he did it on stage (I guess?). Tyce gave him such a bitch-please look while he was dancing, and when the music stopped and he stopped dancing D'on-que broke down in hysterical ~sobbing. Uh ... yeah. NO.

Like Timothy earlier, Jeffery McCann does a lot of tricks, but Jeffery is actually dancing and showing musicality. He's great and was quick to get an immediate ticket to Vegas.

Ryan Ramirez is back after just missing out last year. She said she's found herself more as a dancer. Toni said she had controlled abandon. Tyce said she's improved, and all three said yes to choreography. Or so they thought. Another fakeout by Nigel - he gave her a Vegas ticket.

Whitney Bezzant and Lilly Nguyen were shown briefly getting a ticket to Vegas. Lilly showed both a contemporary style AND break-dancing in her audition. Pretty awesome!

Oakland-based TURF (Taking Up Room on the Floor)-dancing got its time in the spotlight by Levi "I Dummy" Allen, who was gliding and contorting all over the place. It was pretty rad. He got a yes to choreography, but Nigel already seems to have a pre-conceived notion that he won't do well. Aaaand I see why. He was pretty terrible there, so he got sent home.

Early favorites for me so far: Melanie Moore, Ashley Rich, Deon & Damon, and Miss Mandy :)

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