Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scotty vs. Lauren - Week To Week

The two country kids are facing off in the American Idol finale. It's 17 year-old Scotty McCreery, who has never been in the bottom 3, vs. 16 year-old Lauren Alaina, who has only been in the bottom 3 once. Deep voice vs. big soaring voice. Boy vs. Girl. Who will win?

Let's take a look at how they stacked up against each other each week.

Scotty - "Letters From Home" by John Michael Montgomery, Lauren - "Turn On The Radio" by Reba McEntire
I had Scotty winning the night (tied with James) in the guys' semifinal, and I had Lauren coming in second only behind Pia Toscano in the girls' semifinal. Side-by-side, I think Lauren's fun, comfortable performance and effortless vocals was stronger than Scotty's
Round 1 - Lauren

Top 13
Scotty - "The River" by Garth Brooks, Lauren - Lauren Alaina - "Any Man Of Mine" by Shania Twain
Scotty gave one of the top 2 performances of the night here, and the crowd responded in a big way during his song. While I appreciated Lauren not picking a ballad, she picked a total karaoke song and gave Steven Tyler some bitchface when he didn't fawn over her like he had all year.
Round 2 - Scotty

Top 12
Scotty - "Can I Trust You With My Heart" by Travis Tritt, Lauren - "I'm The Only One" by Melissa Etheridge
By this point, Scotty's performances were becoming a bit one-trick. This song sounded pretty similar to the other ones he had done in the previous rounds. He sang it well, but it was same ol' same ol'. Lauren gave one of the few up-tempo performances that night, and she was one of the best that week as well.
Round 3 - Lauren

Top 11
Scotty - "For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder, Lauren - "You Keep Me Hanging On" by The Supremes
I give Scotty props for taking a chance and changing the arrangement to suit him. However, I still have no desire to hear a countrified "For Once In My Life" ever again. Lauren was in the Top 3 for me that night.
Round 4 - Lauren

Top 11 Redux
Scotty - "Country Comfort" by Elton John, Lauren - "Candle In The Wind" by Elton John
I gave Scotty this round mostly because I felt a disconnect with Lauren in regards to the lyrics. Her smiling during this song was all kinds of wrong. Looking back on it now, I think I way underscored Lauren, but I still give this round to Scotty. I thought was going to have a hard time with this theme, but he found the one song that suited him and performed it with ease.
Round 5 - Scotty

Top 9
Scotty - "That's Alright" by Elvis Presley, Lauren - "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin
They both did well this week. Scotty showed off a natural charm in a departure from the country crooning he had been doing for weeks. Lauren sounded really good, although I felt she was holding back a bit (an ongoing theme for her).
Round 6 - Lauren

Top 8
Scotty - "I Cross My Heart" by George Strait, Lauren - "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus
Not only was Lauren's the best performance of the night, it was one of her best all season. I actually ranked Scotty second best that night but I couldn't remember his when I did a late recap. Oops.
Round 7 - Lauren

Top 7
Scotty - "Swingin'" by LeAnn Rimes, Lauren - "Born To Fly" by Sara Evans
I thought both of them were quite underwhelming. Lauren hit the right notes but was pretty dull. Scotty had a horrendous song choice, particularly on a week in which the contestants were supposed to show their contemporary side.
Round 8 - Lauren

Top 6
Scotty - "You've Got A Friend" by Carole King, Lauren - "Where You Lead" by Carole King
This was Scotty's moment on the show and one of the Top 5 performances by anyone all season.
Round 9 - Scotty

Top 5
Scotty - "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry and "Always On My Mind" by Elvis Presley; Lauren - "Flat On The Floor" by Carrie Underwood and "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers
Scotty's first song was fun, albeit a little corny. His second song was a little sleepy and too soon after his previous week's "You've Got A Friend." Lauren's first song was strictly Carrie-Okie, and her second was even more sleepy than Scotty's second and also aggravating because she kept holding back on the big notes.
Round 10 - Scotty

Top 4
Scotty - "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" by Alan Jackson and "Young Blood" by The Coasters; Lauren - "Anyway" by Martina McBride and "Trouble" by Elvis Presley
Lauren gave two good performances, particularly with "Anyway", and Scotty gave one really bad one ("Young Blood") that was almost like watching a bad audition. I still can't get over those faces he was pulling.
Round 11 - Lauren

Top 3
Scotty - "Amazed" by Lonestar, "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" by Thompson Square, "She Believes In Me" by Kenny Rogers; Lauren - "Wild One" by Faith Hill, "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack
Both first performances were their worst, both second ones were their best, and Lauren edged out Scotty on her third song.
Round 12 - Lauren

By my count, Lauren wins this one, 8-4. Unfortunately for her, this may not help her (it didn't help Crystal Bowersox, who not only had the best overall run during her season but also in the finale last year), but if Lauren can create a moment or two at the finale (tears may help also), she might have a chance.


Anonymous said...

I like them both but Scotty is the better performer out of the two. He has a better stage presence, is more comfortable on stage, is more fun to watch, and has the better voice of the two. That being said I believe Lauren is going to win based on a pity vote mixed with her song to her mom. They made a big deal about her injuring her vocal chords right before the show. And her last song was a desperate attempt to win votes from all the women that watch the show. They are both talented but Scotty should win, just hope my 237 votes for him last night help. I wont be upset if Lauren wins though
because she is good but I think Scotty is better, not that that matters on this show because if it did daughtry, Lambert, and durbin all would have won.

Anonymous said...

There was no reason for them to make a big deal about her vocal chord issues she was having, they just said that so shed get the the pity vote from everyone. American idol has a habit of allowing the less talented performers to win so I imagine our new idol will be Lauren. Scotty will join the ranks of other greats that never won