Sunday, May 01, 2011

John Mayer, Keith Urban Team Up At Tiger Jam

John Mayer and Keith Urban teamed up in Las Vegas on Saturday night for Tiger Jam, an annual fundraiser concert to benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation. The two superstars sang their own songs and came together to perform three songs together.

After an enjoyable opening acoustic set by Tyler Hilton (his "Missing You/Everytime You Go Away" mashup was awesome, and he sang a song he co-wrote with Lady Antebellum, Ain't A Thing), John Mayer kicked things off with a countrified version of his first single from Battle Studies, "Who Says". He also changed up the arrangements on "Crossroads" (more rock and with a quicker tempo), "Half Of My Heart" and "Waiting On The World To Change", but kept the original arrangements for "Vultures", "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" and "Gravity". He also did two new songs ("Something Like Olivia" and "Queen of California"). At the end of his set, he brought Keith up to sing a cover of The Band's "Up On Cripple Creek".

Up On Cripple Creek:

Half Of My Heart:

Keith's set started with his first single from his latest album, Get Closer, "Put You In A Song". He also did "Without You", "Long Hot Summer" and "You Gonna Fly" from the new CD. Amongst his classic hits, he sang "You're My Better Half", "Days Go By" and "You Look Good In My Shirt". During "You Look Good In My Shirt", Keith went up into the middle section and sang part of the song up there and then took his guitar, signed it and gave it to someone in the audience before heading back to the stage. AMAZING!

Mayer came back out during Keith's set to sing two of Keith's songs - "Sweet Thing" and "Til Summer Comes Around". I have to say that Mayer sounds killer on "Til Summer Comes Around". I love Keith singing it, but when Mayer came in on his verse, I was floored. And the two of them playing guitar together was being in guitar heaven. They are such amazing musicians. And they looked like they were having so much fun playing together. It was delightful to see.

Sweet Thing:

You're My Better Half:

For more (and better) videos from the show, check out the YouTube pages of cspannie and ocamy24.

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