Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inside The AI10 Finale

Some tidbits from inside the Nokia Theater during the American Idol 10 finale, where Scotty McCreery was crowned the American Idol:

The audience was pretty dead for the opening number (Top 13 singing Born This Way). Everyone was seated for the entire song, and when they went to commercial, warm-up guy Cory had to get on the mic and tell everyone to stand up and party during the musical numbers. Everyone stood for every performance after that, including Beyonce's snoozer of a single (she sounded amazing but that song is boring!).

After James Durbin's performance with Judas Priest, he kept raising his arms to get the crowd to either stand (we already were) or cheer louder. He also cupped his hand to his ear to mime that he couldn't hear us. At that point, I stopped clapping and folded my arms across my chest and glared at him. Too bad I was too far away for him to see me do that.

As you saw, Lauren Alaina did not participate in the girls' Beyonce medley. It appeared as if she was pulled late because there was a noticeable empty space in the formation during one of the songs.

The judges stood up for just about every performance ..... except, notably, the Beyonce medley. Jealous much, JLo? That medley was one of the top performances of the night, in my opinion. All of the girls sounded great.

I could barely hear Haley Reinhart during her duet with Tony Bennett - and when I could hear her, she sounded very Betty Boop-ish. On TV, she sounded great.

The boys' Tom Jones medley was a riot during "It's Not Unsual". Jacob Lusk did the best Carlton dance by a mile. James and Stefano put their all into it as well. Paul McDonald was just swinging his arms like a pendulum. Scotty looked a bit lost as well. I wish they had gotten Alfonso Ribeiro to come out and dance, though.

Crowd response for the Lady Gaga performance was a bit tame. Perhaps being perched hundreds of feet above the stage in dark lighting gave it a huge disconnect.

Before the Spider-Man performance, we were all warned very sternly to stay out of the aisles during the performance. I could see two Spidermen up above before the performance - one on the left and one on the right. I didn't see the one come down above the judges' table until it happened.

As Scotty began his coronation song (which he barely sang any lines of ... mercifully), he handed James his trophy, and James pretended to steal it as his before setting it down on the floor.

Some of the luminaries were given a shout-out to the audience during commercial breaks by Cory: David Cook, Adam Lambert, Lee DeWyze, Gordon Ramsey, Mary Murphy, Laurieann Gibson

Adam Lambert literally walked into the theater at the 59th minute. David Cook arrived inside about two minutes prior.

Adam and his boyfriend Sauli sat directly in front of Kris Allen and his wife Katy. During almost every commercial break, Adam turned in his seat to talk to Kris and Katy. When they weren't getting bombarded by photo requests from kids, other former Idols, and Michael Orland, that is. Kris took Michael's photo with Adam.

Later in the show, Blake Lewis grabbed Allison Iraheta from further back and brought her up to a seat with him near the front row. Later on, Adam went over to greet her and picked her up into a big hug. Blake was quite the social butterfly, getting up at just about every break to talk to different people.

As I was leaving my seat to exit the theater, I saw a ripped-up Lauren sign on the floor. LOL someone was pissed. I hope they made a You Tube video of their reaction like this infamous one.

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Lisa said...

I have to admit that was one thing that annoyed me about James...his harassment of the public by always gesturing them to stand up and get excited...he got quite annoying like that and very childish! How was Steve Tylers performance??? I thought he did great on Tv and BOOYA to Jlo...what a fox!! I was surprised that they didnt get Adam Lambert and James to sing something together!!!