Friday, May 13, 2011

Backlash Boot Strikes Again On Idol

Someday the judges and producers on American Idol will learn to not try to force their desired result on America. Because America always fights back. And they fought back in a big way this week, saving Idol punching bag Haley Reinhart and eliminating the guy Randy Jackson proclaimed as the winner about two weeks ago, James Durbin.

James went out in the Chris Daughtry/Tamyra Gray shock boot spot (No. 4) and turned into a blubbering mess, with tears streaming down his face during his sing-out. But before the sing-out, he lost a good deal of sympathy from me by proclaiming that he did stuff no one else ever did on the show (lol tell Adam Lambert that). Because see ... it's stuff like this that never got me fully on board with him. He always seemed just a bit too full of himself for me to care. He was a good performer, sure, but I always felt like he masked a lot of flaws with pyro and staging and lighting. Not to mention the fact that he skated by with little to no criticism from the judges. I know that's not his fault, but when the judges go off the deep end like they did this season, I am in no mood to let them have what they want.

Haley being safe wasn't really that big of a surprise for me. I had a feeling that the judges' comments would totally rile up the fan base and keep her safe, much like how Simon Cowell's comments during the Kris Allen/Danny Gokey duet of death (that wasn't supposed to be judged!) riled up Kris's fanbase (and Kris). Plus, she killed it on her last song. And she's the one singer who has provided the most "moments" this season. The one I thought would be most in danger was Lauren Alaina, so when she was the first to be sent to safety, I knew James was toast because it would be much more dramatic to have Lauren/Haley as the last two standing if it was one of them going.

In between all this drama were contestant duets, a bunch of videos, one live performance and one pre-taped live performance. Scotty and James sang "Start A Band", which should have been the first sign that James was outie. The country song was tailor-made for Scotty and all kinds of wrong for James, whose lower register is pretty wretched. Haley and Lauren got Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" and gave what I thought was the performance of the night (maybe tied with Jordin Sparks).

We watched the Idols watching a televised Lady Gaga concert performance, as well as Steven Tyler's new music video. Enrique Iglesias performed Dirty Dancer, which I think he lip-synched, and Baby I Like It, which I wish he had. And then Jordin Sparks showed off her new I'm-no-longer-17!!!!11-look and sound with her new booty-shaking single I Am Woman (you go, Jordin!). She needs to work on the stripping/coat-removing, though. It was a little too labored to be fully effective.

We also got this manufactured Survivor-moment that showed the Idols Skypeing with their loved ones via Windows 7. Uhh ... big whoop. A) This technology is not new. B) It's not like they're in a remote jungle location, separated from any contact with anyone but their tribe-mates and Jeff Probst. They see their families or friends at least once a week at the tapings. And Lauren and Scotty have a parent staying with them.

One other moment I forgot to mention ... during James' sing-out, he dissed not one, but two people! It was hilarious. Randy tried to fist-bump him as he walked past, and James either didn't see him or ignored him (I choose to believe the latter). And an audience member in the front row behind the judges had her hand up for a high-five only to see James leave her hanging. LOL OUCH.

So the Top 3 no one ever saw coming is Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery. As I've said all season, I think Scotty is a lock not only to make the finals but to win. But I can see Haley making the finals as well, since Scotty and Lauren are likely splitting the teen and country music votes. And whichever one of these two does make the finale is going to win unless something completely scandalous happens because they'll get the lion's share of that other person's votes.


planetx3 said...

Why does everyone assume the worst? James didn't respond to Randy or a particular fan so there's something wrong? Please! It's easy to miss someone else's attention when there are so many. As much as I detest Haley, I must come to her defense when the camera showed her smiling when James was voted off. Who knows what that was. Maybe Scotty told her some kind of joke. Maybe it was nervous laughter at having been saved. We'll never know. But beyond that, Haley Reinhart should be the punching bag. The girl CAN'T...STOP...GROWLING. She's very talented but she needs a judge or a producer to bring her down to earth to control that incessant angry chihuahua bit. I have a dark feeling she's going to win this show "just to show the judges who's boss". How sad. James wasn't perfect, he was entertaining. America, get over yourself.

Lisa said...

I wish James would have lasted longer...he showed more personality than Haley ever has, however...I do believe he was getting too self indulgent...and he always kept saying he gave metal a chance...I don't really think so. Just cause he played with a metal guitar player doesn't say much. And I do agree that Adam Lambert was the first one to bring out those super insane screechy notes and blow us all away with them...I always said James was an Adam knock off but then I started to like his personality. Lauren is somewhat irritating but a great singer...Scotty is just plain ol boring but a great singer...and Haley could have huge potential but just doesn't have any appeal...she is very unrelatable!! Boo America..I wish Casey and Pia were still in...

Anonymous said...

I never got on board the James wagon either. Your article hit everything I've been thinking about him. All the gimmicks have been hiding some really serious vocal flaws. During Hollywood week it showed quite a bit when he had no band and no gimmics. His hometown gave him a welcome home thing this weekend and Durbin took to twitter pronouncing himself basically a God. The guy has been obnoxiously cocky for too long and the talent is not there to be so cocky. I found myself having to change the channel when he performed. His pitch was a mess. FYI, James didn't bring anything new to the stage. It's already been done by better. I am also kind of curious as to how he seriously thinks he can do metal or rock with the constant blubbering. The men I know who watch the show find him embarrassing. Plus he has this underlying trailer-trashiness to him. I say good riddance

Faith said...

I was on the James train until I read your latest posts about his pimping - I can't believe I never noticed! And your studio report details made me raise an eyebrow or two. But PLEASE in the name of all that is holy tell me I'm nit the only one to notice lauren's pathetic excuse for stage moves?? It's like a combination of two or three moves over and over every week! High step, high step, then low hip sway. High step, high step, caress guitarist, then low hip sway. Big note coming, now STOMP left foot and bring left arm up slow and straight! Big finish! Argh, I'm so done with her. She's just not bringing enough to the table creatively.

Water Cooler Convo said...

OMG LMAO. That's hilarious. And so true. Especially the caress guitarist part. HAHA.