Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AI10 Top 3 Battle (Weakly) For Finale Spot

Between a fall on stage, a missed line, a wardrobe malfunction, fumbled lyrics and pitchiness, none of the Top 3 on American Idol gave a knockout performance, which could make tomorrow a pretty unpredictable result show. All three contestants were declared the winner of at least one round by the judges, and this could turn into one of the tightest contests since Season 5.

My thoughts coming in were that the country vote would be split between Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, which could help send Haley Reinhart to the finals, but there's also a possibility that without the harsh comments from the judges, Haley won't have as motivated of a fanbase as in previous weeks, which could hurt her. Reverse psychology from Randy Jackson, perhaps? Hmm ... how very Cowell-ian of him if this is the case.

Contestant's Choice:
Scott McCreery - Amazed by Lonestar
I thought it was a little pitchy, and nothing new was done to this song other than Scotty actually showing a glory note. Underwhelmed, to be honest.

Lauren Alaina - Wild One by Faith Hill
Beyonce said that she enjoys Lauren best when she sings something fun. I totally agree. I think Lauren started to lose steam when she started singing more ballads (although I may change my opinion on this later ... like the next song). The feel of the song was good, but I still feel like Lauren is performing with a wall up. And let's not even talk about that tragic hot mess of an outfit!

Haley Reinhart - What Is And What Should Never Be by Led Zepplin
This is easily the most inspired (and difficult) song choice amongst the three. And how great is it that she got her dad to play on it with her?! But what everyone's going to remember about this performance is that she slipped and fell and got right back up and kept singing. This kind of thing I think is going to endear her to the voters. As for her performance (sans fall), she definitely won this round, as the judges claimed.

Jimmy Iovine's Choice (aka the best round of the night):
Scotty McCreery - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not by Thompson Square
Jimmy Iovine proved to be the most useful of the grown-ups, if you will, picking some great songs for the Top 3 to sing. Here, Scotty was able to show that he can indeed sing a current hit song well. This was one of his better performances of the season, although not in Garth Brooks territory, RANDY. Plus, his faces and stance were a bit awkward-sauce.

Lauren Alaina - If I Die Young by The Band Perry
I LOVE this song! Jimmy again choose so well. The opening verse gave Lauren an opportunity to showcase her pretty tone, and the ending of the song gave her the chance to hit the money notes. Unfortunately, at that point, she missed a line at the key/tempo change, and her vocals went off the rails a bit (which Jennifer Lopez excused as being an "honest moment"). It's too bad because that was such a lovely performance up until then.

Haley Reinhart - Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac
I loved the opening! So beautiful. However, I didn't like it as much when it went more up-tempo, although I did love the runs she did while singing the chorus. It was staged well also with the wind machine and fog and her dress blowing in the wind.

Judges' Choice:
Scotty McCreery - She Believes In Me by Kenny Rogers
This was akin to the judges picking a Dan Fogelberg song for David Archuleta. I was really dreading this song, but Scotty made it work. The strings were a great touch.

Lauren Alaina - I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack
We're back to pageant mode for Lauren. She did show a little more passion later in the song than she has in past performances (I didn't like that in this song, though), but it's still very pageanty.

Haley Reinhart - You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette
OOF. That was not pretty. She was pitchy, her lower register was weak, she fumbled the words, the verses were lethargic. She recovered towards the end of the song and totally wailed on the chorus, but this was not a good performance for her. Yet Steven called it perfect. He's perfectly useless.

I'm going to predict a Scotty-Haley finale. Haley has the momentum and uniqueness between the three contestants, and I think the country vote will be split. Between Scotty and Lauren, Scotty seems to have the bigger fanbase. But who really knows?

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