Thursday, April 14, 2011

AI10 Top 8: Oh, That Was In A Movie? Night

This week's Idol theme was Movie Night, and the judging panel acted like everything they saw was Oscar-worthy (except for one performance - by a female. Naturally. Because the only people they can criticize these days are the female contestants. And then they wonder why they systematically keep leaving week after week.)

For you for me, a good chunk of these performances were more Razzies-worthy than Oscar-worthy. Watching the judges fawn all over the contestants for okay to mediocre performances was ridiculous. Jennifer Lopez might have gotten an Oscar for Gigli based on the judging climate in the room tonight.

But enough movie talk because it wasn't so much movie night as it was oh, that was in a movie? night. We got songs from the soundtracks of Risky Business, Hannah Montana, Boomerang, Pure Country, Moulin Rouge, American Gigolo, The Pursuit of Happyness (there was music in that movie?!) and Heavy Metal. On a positive note, I guess that's better than getting more Bryan Adams songs?

In addition to it being oh, that was in a movie? night, it was also "Things That Make Me Shield My Eyes" night, starring Paul McDonald's flowery suit; Stefano Langone, Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk's singing faces; and James Durbin's upper torso in a tank top. With a cameo appearance from the loofah hanging off Jennifer Lopez's dress (tm @kt_cle).

And with that said, let's get to a quick (since it's only about 4 hours till the result show and nobody cares anymore) recap of the performances.

Paul McDonald - "Old Time Rock & Roll" from Risky Business
This was probably the one song that best represents the (real) theme of this week. Unfortunately, it was also probably the worst performance of the week. It was vocally deficient, distracting in so many ways (the suit, the tambourine, the sax player) and totally did not hold up in the recap.
Score: 4.0

Lauren Alaina - "The Climb" from Hannah Montana the Movie
For the second week in a row for me, Lauren had one of the best performances of the night. The song is treacly as can be, and her key changes made it even more "coronation song!" than it is, but Lauren sounded amazing. Although, as Jimmy Iovine so tactlessly pointed out, anyone can sound better singing this song than Miley Cyrus.
Score: 8.0

Stefano Langone - "End of the Road" from Boomerang
Oh lord. This song is my favorite Boyz II Men song, and when Randy started to say that Wanya will probably call him up and tell him that Stefano slayed it, I put on my best "Bitch, Please" face and rolled my eyes because Stefano didn't slay it. He slayed one note at the end, but otherwise gave an okay performance. His still. bugs. the. heck. out. of. me., as do his facial expressions when he sings. And it was all so overwrought. Granted, Wanya is very overwrought when he sings this, but it's believable from him. Not so much from Stefano.
Score: 6.0

Scotty McCreery - "I Cross My Heart" from Pure Country
This is how much of an impact Scotty had on me this week. I started to write out the order of performances and remembered everyone's but his. Uh, I did like it well enough at the time, although it is the same song all over again from him.
Score: 7.25

Casey Abrams - "Nature Boy" from Moulin Rouge
Mommy, the scary man is back, and he's growling at me again and looking like he's going to eat the microphone AND the upright bass. I hated this. I thought it was too loungey, and Casey's voice just really isn't all that. I get that he's a great musician and all that, but he's not entertaining me anymore. Actually, he hasn't entertained me since Hollywood week. And for the judges to give him a standing ovation and compare him to Grammy winners, and for Casey to say he wants to educate everyone made me want to vomit.
Score: 4.5

Haley Reinhart - "Call Me" from American Gigolo
I liked parts of this, but this really wasn't the best showcase for what Haley can do. It's unfortunate that she was the ONLY person called out for anything tonight, because she most certainly wasn't the worst of the night. But I would say middle of the pack
Score: 6.0

Jacob Lusk - "Bridge Over Troubled Water" from The Pursuit of Happyness
I really hate how the producers handed him this song. They need to let the contestants live or die with their own song choices! Outside of that really lengthy note at the end, this performance was nothing special at all. Clay Aiken did it so much better in the Season 2 finale. SO much better. And I am no Claymate!
Score: 5.5

James Durbin - "Heavy Metal" from Heavy Metal
Where was Simon Cowell to pull the indulgent card? Because that was the most indulgent performance I've ever seen on this show. Heavy metal? Extended guitar solo that wasn't even his solo?! Ugh. And just because it's loud doesn't mean it was good. That song was just terrible and had no discernible melody to speak of. There's a reason why heavy metal isn't popular. Just saying.
Score: 5.0

Bottom 3 predictions: Paul, Stefano, Haley
Going home: Paul

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Faith said...

I've been following your recaps for a few years now and I enjoy them.. but I had to comment here to say I disagree that contestants should live and die by their song choices. They did that for years and failed miserably, over and over and over, and America had to suffer through some truly awful performances. Real artists get input and guidance from producers, so why should AI be any different? I feel like we get a real taste of what they could do as artists this way, instead of them having to get sent home on the back of one unfortunate song choice.