Thursday, April 07, 2011

AI10 Top 9 Results Show - Another Girl Bites The Dust

For the fourth consecutive elimination week, a female singer has been voted off American Idol, leaving just two girls remaining in the Top 8. Not one guy has been eliminated, although America almost got rid of Casey Abrams at Top 11 week before the judges mucked it up and wasted their save on him so early in the season. And as a result, Pia Toscano, arguably the best singer in the competition, was left floating in the wind, eliminated two weeks later.

I had no delusions that Pia was going to win this thing - she was too pretty and too polished, not to mention very lacking in performance skills. But she deserved a fate much better than what she got. There are others in the competition with more deficiencies than she has. But, hey, this is Idol, and nothing should surprise me anymore. Especially when it comes to voting patterns. In general, most of the people who vote on this show are female. And females generally don't get passionate in regards to voting for other women. Especially ones as stunning as Pia. The only type of women that girls will actively vote for are those who they relate to and aren't threatened by. See Clarkson, Kelly and Sparks, Jordin.

Outside of the "shocking" elimination, we were also treated to a Top 9 mashup of "I Love Rock & Roll", "The Letter" and "Sweet Home Alabama", and I could barely get past Jacob Lusk in his turquoise Cosby sweater pointing and posing his way through the number.

This week's Idol alum performance was from Constantine Maroulis, who inexplicably ~sang "Unchained Melody" instead of something from Rock of Ages. Although I suppose it's appropriate that the faux rocker sang UNCHAINED MELODY during Rock & Roll week. Constantine's performance was one big WTF. The arrangement was just SO bizarre. And seriously - what is this show's obsession with this song? I know it was Simon Cowell's favorite, but there's no good reason for one Idol alum, much less two, to come on a results show to sing this song (Justin Guarini also did this during season 2 to promote his album, which inexplicably was dangerously close to having this song as its lead single).

Rounding out the performances was 63 year-old Iggy Pop, who sang "Wild One" shirtless and danced around the stage in a manner that made Paul McDonald's dancing look graceful and sophisticated. Um, yeah.

So with Pia gone and Jacob hitting the Bottom 3 for the first time (along with Stefano Langone), it seems like anything goes, especially as the numbers start to dwindle. I think next week might finally be the week a guy goes home, but Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina have to be seeing this trend of five consecutive women going home and shaking in their boots.

Next week's show is movie night, or, in other words, ballad night again! I guess we got robbed of a "My Heart Will Go On" performance by Pia. Ahh, the silver lining!

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spin doc said...

I think that outfit Gwen Stefani gave her to wear last night is to blame