Thursday, March 17, 2011

AI10 Top 12 Results: Minority Report

Someone alert Elton John - America kicked off another minority from American Idol! A week after Ashthon Jones got sent home, Karen Rodriguez got the boot, despite her bilingual attempts to be saved by the judges. She was doomed from the get-go with her song choice. And "Love Will Lead You Back" has claimed its third victim in as many attempts!

After being named as the lowest vote-getter, Karen sang a wobbly "Hero" while the judges allegedly debated on whether or not to save her. Randy Jackson claimed it was not unanimous to not use the save, but I find it hard to believe they would waste the save on someone as disposable as Karen this early in the game.

Joining Karen in the bottom 3 were two other women of color - Naima Adedapo (black) and Haley Reinhart (red, as in lipstick, which was all over her face on Wednesday). The other two minorities, Thia Megia and Jacob Lusk, were safe, although Thia had to sweat it out with Karen to see who would get the last bottom 3 spot (duh).

This is the second week in a row where the bottom 3 and bootee were called by pretty much everyone in the Idol blogosphere (WHAAAAT - America getting it right two straight weeks? This is a little surprising. But there's plenty of time for the voters to muck it up!). Naima and Haley should probably set up camp on those stools until they are eliminated in the next two weeks.

Also on the show, season 9 winner Lee DeWyze sang his new single, "Beautiful Like You". It wasn't bad, but if this is single, he really should get some advice from Allison Iraheta pretty soon on what to do when your label saddles you with a second single that probably isn't going to get you any radio airplay and then gives you a token spot on Idol to sing it before anyone has ever heard it on the radio.

The Black Eyed Peas (or at least I think it was the Black Eyed Peas - WTF happened to Fergie? Bad face lift?) sang their new song, "Just Can't Get Enough". Sadly, not a cover of the Depeche Mode song. But at least it was 100 times better than their last shitty single, "Time Of My Life".

There was a Ford commercial that featured the Idols doing some movie scenes. One scene had James Durbin as a killer. He clearly didn't have to look far for tips on how to look like an axe murderer (hi, Casey!).

OH! And the group number! A Glee-esque mashup of "Born To Be Wild" and "Born This Way" that left no doubt that the group was singing live.

Next week is "Classic Motown" week. Haley should probably keep her bags unpacked after two straight weeks of being in the bottom and after that dismissive thanks-for-playing speech Jimmy Iovine gave her. There will definitely be a new face joining her in the bottom 3. It will be interesting to see who that ends up being (coughThiacough).

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Anonymous said...

i dont think it will be thia next week.if you seen thia's youtube vids..classics are her genre and shes never been to bottom 3 ...