Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 5 Idol Hollywood Group Performances

The always-entertaining Hollywood group round airs this week on American Idol. In honor of one of my favorite rounds on this show, here's a look at the 5 best group round performances in the show's history (and when I say the 5 best, I mean the 5 best that I could find on YouTube).

1. Frenchie Davis/Kimberley Locke - Band Of Gold (Season 2)
No one wanted to sing with Frenchie and KLo because they didn't want to be paired with these big-voiced ladies, so they paired together to form the most diva-licious duo this show has ever seen.

2. Blake Lewis/Chris Sligh/Rudy Cardenas/Tom Lowe- How Deep Is Your Love (Season 6)
The vocals were good, but Blake's beat boxing really made this performance. It was pretty groundbreaking at the time, although I do wonder why no one ever tried it before. Some other past contestants had to have been in a cappella groups before ...

3. Matt Giraud/Kris Allen/India Morrison/Justin Williams (aka White Chocolate) - I Want You Back (Season 8)
This performance was basically meant to showcase early favorite Matt Giraud, but it also gave eventual winner Kris Allen his first significant screen time (more than 5 seconds this time!). The percussive beats by Matt and the bass line by Kris backed up India's rapping so well at the end.

4. Leah LaBelle/Elizabeth LaTendre/Dina Lopez - Young Hearts Run Free (Season 3)
This group looked like it was going to be dramalama when Leah's stage mom got involved with choreography and what not, but they put together an entertaining performance that kicked off Season 3's group round with a bang.

5. Kevin Covais/David Radford/Will Makar/Josh Jordan (aka The Rat Pack) - Fly Me To The Moon (Season 5)
The youngsters went old-school with a Rat Pack song and managed to put together a memorable performance that none were able to replicate later in the competition.

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