Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ten Best 2011 Grammy Performances

This year's Grammy Awards broadcast was probably one of the best I've seen in years. So many great performances! Here are my Top 10 from this year:

1. Eminem/Rihanna/Adam Levine/Skylar Grey/Dr. Dre - Love The Way You Lie/I Need A Doctor
Rihanna started out this performance with her solo version of "Love The Way You Lie" with Maroon 5 front-man Adam Levine playing piano and singing backup. Then Eminem took over with his solo as Rihanna dramatically walked over to the stage. Then Skylar Grey opened "I Need A Doctor" with gorgeous vocals, which provided such a striking contrast with Eminem's angry and powerful rapping. Dr. Dre joining in at the end just made it that much better.

2. Bruno Mars/B.O.B./Janelle Monae - Nothin' on You/Grenade/Cold War
These three started out singing "Nothin' On You" slowed down and stripped down with a string accompaniment. The rap section slowed down was so fascinating. Then Bruno went old-school doo-wop on his current single "Grenade", complete with 50s'-style black & white on the TV. Janelle closed the performance with a fiery "Cold War", with Bruno on drums and B.O.B. on guitar. All three of them are SO talented!!! And bonus points to B.O.B. for wearing a monocle!

3. Cee-Lo Green/Gwyneth Paltrow/The Muppets - Forget You
They kind of lost a little bit of steam when Gwyneth joined in, but the whole thing was such a spectacle of ridiculousness and fun, starting with Cee-Lo's insane costume. Plus, there were Muppets! Muppets make everything better!

4. Mick Jagger - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Solomon Burke tribute)
67 year-old Mick Jagger showed more energy and swagger than anyone on that Grammy stage. Not bad for a first-time Grammy performer!

5. Muse - Uprising
The staging of this performance was AWESOME with the lighting, video screens and dancers/rioters, and the band sounded great.

6. Mumford & Sons/Avett Brothers/Bob Dylan - The Cave/Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise/Maggie's Farm
I don't think I've heard any of these songs before, but man, did they impress me with their musicianship.

7. Lady Antebellum - If You Don't Know Me By Now/American Honey/Need You Now
Sweet vocals and harmonies on three great stripped-down songs from the night's big winners. Only complaint (outside of Hillary's bangs and the shortage of more close-ups of Charles Kelley) was that the performance was WAY too short.

8. John Mayer/Norah Jones/Keith Urban - Jolene
Norah's voice was perfectly suited to this song, and Keith and John put some nice touches on the song vocally, not to mention the guitar work!

9. Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me
A very understated but beautiful song and performance.

10. Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
Their Idol coronation moment ... errr impromptu encore after winning Album of the Year was the perfect way to end the show. And haha that the lead singer actually said right before they started, "Bye! Everyone leave to this song!"

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