Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remaining Idol Finalists Revealed

After an excruciating hour announcing five finalists last night, Idol returned Thursday night to reveal the remaining 19 of the Top 24 in a long, drawn-out two-hour show.

Karen Rodriguez - I give Lauren Alaina a lot of flack for pandering to Steven Tyler, so this chick cannot get a pass for pandering to Jennifer Lopez. I mean, Karen is borderline Single Latina Female here, between singing a J.Lo song ("If You Had My Love"), singing a Selena song ("No Me Queda Mas"), and doing her hair similar to J.Lo. It's a little creepy, Karen.

Robbie Rosen - I've liked most of the stuff Robbie has done so far, although I thought his "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" in the final round was a bit breathy, and that last note was a bit off. But overall, he has done well in the audition rounds, so this is not a surprise at all.

Tatynisa Wilson - Now this one was a surprise. The first time they showed her, she was messing up lyrics left and right and stopping and restarting her song while singing "I Hope You Dance". I would have thought that would have been enough to send her packing right then and there, but I guess that particular song is ok to complete eff up since she and Scotty "Nuts of Wonder" McCreery both survived after butchering that song. I thought the judges would only let through one African-American girl with big curly hair (Ashthon Jones), but they surprised me here by letting this girl through even after J.Lo said that "this show is about not having a bad day." Um, she did already. So why is she still here?

Tim Halperin - Tim impressed with his Vegas duet with Julie Zorrilla and then got on the piano to perform an original song in his final round. Sound the alarms! White guy with instrument alert! I'm a little surprised he survived since Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick have been on the warpath for those guys.

Julie Zorrilla - "Skirtzilla" was told by J.Lo that she lacked a little bit of depth and connection at times. OMG. Good call. Julie sings and looks lovely, but yes, her performances can be a little lacking in that regard.

Scotty McCreery - If the judges/producers were only going to pick one country singer, they picked the wrong dude. Yes, Scotty finally sang another song for his final performance ("Long Black Train"), and he sounded pretty good on it. But it was still Josh Turner! If he sings Josh Turner the entire season, I will change the channel. Scotty, ffs please start a Josh Turner tribute band and GTFO Idol. The other thing that was really annoying about him going through is that the judges started talking about character and stepping up as one of the reasons why he made it through. If character were part of the criteria for making the Top 24, Clint Gamboa should have been gonzo.

Jovany Barreto - This guy is such a Guido ("BOOM!"). And also very meh. I don't think I've ever been even slightly wowed by him. Cannon fodder!

Lauren Turner - The housekeeper rocked out on Etta James ("Steal Away") in her last audition. She hasn't been shown (with ID) very often during the audition process, but I'm kind of seeing it as she hasn't had a chance to annoy me too much so far!

Rachel Zevita - She's quirky, and I like the passion she brought to the last performance (if not the actual singing/shrieking). However, the fact that she's still asking what they want from her is very disconcerting.

Kendra Chantelle - She wasn't shown until late in the process, when she turned some heads singing "Georgia On My Mind" and then really impressed with her stunning "Blackbird" duet with Paul McDonald. I'm glad they put her through.

Jordan Dorsey - I'm not really sure what type of singer Jordan is, really. All I know about him is that he seems to be a douche, as the show keeps reminding us. I'm really hoping he's more of a modern R&B singer than a gospel-type singer. Jacob already fills that genre. Plus seriously, TPTB seem to be afraid to put through modern R&B male singers. This show hasn't had one in the Top 12 since Nikko Smith in Season 4.

Lauren Alaina - She came into D-Day dressed like she stumbled off the set of Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (while sporting some fake bake that would make Tiffany Rios proud). I don't know why they event tried to pretend that there could be some drama here. They've been shoving Lauren down our throats since day one.

Stefano Langone - I'm not sure what he was caterwauling for his last performance. If that was an original, LOL just no, dude.

Jacob Lusk - Randy said Jacob's "God Bless The Child" was the "single best performance EVER on Idol. EVER!" WHAAAAAAT? You crazy, Randy.

Pia Toscano - I like her. She may need a little bit more pizazz or something to avoid being generic but I think she has a nice voice. I certainly liked her a lot more than her friend Karen.

James Durbin - "Alfred E. Lambert" invoked the name of Adam Lambert AND sang "A Change Is Gonna Come", thus enraging Glamberts everywhere. LOL OOPS. Forget Adam, I'm more offended by the ridiculousness of his singing and how freakin' loud he is. TURN IT DOWN A NOTCH OR 3,000,000!

Casey Abrams - DUH. This kid's a talented musician. He was a lock for the Top 24.

Thia Megia - If J.Lo is talking about not feeling anything when Julie sings, she really needed to address this with Thia. She just sings. I don't feel a damn thing from her.

Brett Loewenstern - He's a really good kid and seems to be very nice and positive, so I don't begrudge his spot in the Top 24 at all. I'm not sold on him as a pop singer, and that original song was kinda meh, but we'll see. He's likeable, at least, which is more than I can say for some other people that got through!

Brittany Mazur (San Francisco)
Jimmie Allen (Nashville)
John Wayne Schulz (Austin)
Tiwan Strong (Milwaukee)
Erin Kelly (New Orleans)
Jackie Wilson (Nashville)
Jessica Cunningham
Jacee Badeaux (New Orleans)
Colton Dixon (Nashville)

Most of the people who did not make it through in this episode (including Jerome Bell, who was all over a bunch of waiting room shots but whose "no" verdict they never showed) I'm not going to lose any sleep over. But two I really thought should have advanced were John Wayne Schulz and Colton Dixon. I liked John from the start, and I didn't care much for Colton until they showed his last performance, which was very intriguing to me. These two guys were both victims of having someone else TPTB wanted in their same genre (ish). TPTB wanted Scotty, so there was no room for John. They had one male pianist in Tim, so there was no room for Colton. LAME.

The Top 12 girls sing on Tuesday, the Top 12 guys sing on Wednesday, and then the results show is on Thursday. That's a whole lotta Idol coming up!

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