Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hollywood Group Round Brings The Drama

The Hollywood group round is always good for some major dramalama, and Season 10 did not disappoint. I've found that this round tends to show one's character more so than their vocal ability, and a lot of people brought out their inner douche in a big way.

Biggest Douches:
Clint Gamboa - After Scotty McCreery joined their group, Clint kicked out 15 year-old Jacee Badeaux late in the process because they didn't need him anymore. Total dick move. Scotty later apologized onstage for not sticking up for Jacee, but Clint showed little to no remorse. This is something voters will remember if he makes it that far ...

Jordan Dorsey - While people were struggling to put together groups after being forced to have mixed groups from days one and two, Jordan was busy rejecting people from his group because they weren't specifically what HE wanted (nevermind the other people in his group). And then he had the nerve to leave the group later on to join another one! Karma did not bite him in the ass this time, but I have a feeling it will soon enough.

James Durbin - Dis bitch kept whining about how The Minors had their parents there to help, calling it unfair. He should have concentrated more on his own group's harmonies and his horrid screeching that didn't find the right note. For whatever reason, the judges like him, and he stayed, but I'm so with the stage moms with their eww reactions during the performance.

Karma Catcher:
Tiffany Rios - Unlike the three above, this girl's karma bit her in the ass after her remark in the earlier round about being tired of seeing others fail to do what she knows she can do. Because of that comment (and because she's a screeching train-wreck), no one wanted to pair up with her. She managed to peel away Jessica Yantz from her group (Jessica said she didn't want her to be by herself, I think it's entirely plausible that Jessica wanted to get camera time) but couldn't find a third group member. They gave Tiffany and Jessica an exception to be a two-person group, but they both (especially Tiffany) blew it singing "Irreplaceable".

Due For Good Karma:
After Jacee Badeaux forgot the lyrics to "Mercy" and sang made-up lyrics, it looked like he was going to be sent home. Everyone else in his group was called up to step forward, leaving him alone by himself. After a lengthy pause, the judges called Jaycee forward, which caused Brett Loewenstern to jump up and down for joy. So sweet.

James Durbin's group who complained about the Minors' parents being there to help got totally pwned in what was basically a head-to-head matchup of "Somebody To Love". The kids (Keonna Evans, Jalen Harris, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Felix Ramsey, and Deandre Brackensick) gave the performance of the day with a vocally tight performance that New Directions would be proud of, while Durbin's group had more than half of its members get tossed after a harmonically horrific performance.

Eight Years Makes A Huge Difference:
Apparently, when you're 15, changing the lyrics to sing about how you can't remember the lyrics is cute and funny (see Badeaux, Jacee). But when you're 23 and do the same thing, this is srs bsns and you are GONE (see Bolin, Rob).

Only Girl In The World ... Who Should Sing This Song Is Rihanna:
I'm not sure why you would ever enter a singing competition and sing Rihanna's "Only Girl In The World". You can't really sing that song without auto-tune. I'm not sure anyone who picked it survived (this is why Paris Tassin only sang ballads, I see ...)

Crying Girl:
Ashley Ferl is no longer the biggest crier on Idol - that honor now goes to Ashley Sullivan, who had a total meltdown from the stress and quit during group rehearsals. She eventually came back to her group, who was actually quite cool about letting her back in even though they had rehearsed without Ashley. Despite the drama, their group, The Hits, had one of the better performances of the round, singing "Hit 'Em Up Style". Big props to Keeira Lyn Ford, Ashthon Jones and unknown fourth girl for handling that drama well.

Entertainment Value:
Carson Higgins hammed up "Forget You" Norman Gentle style. Finally! Someone fun on this show!

Chosen Ones:
I wonder if the people in the groups of Lauren Alaina, Julie Zorilla and Casey Abrams would have steered clear if they knew those three were amongst the chosen ones? Because anyone in their group not them got dumped even though they sounded good. I actually thought another girl in Lauren's group sounded better (the second girl who sang, who was never identified), and I liked Lara Johnston's voice more than Julie's, but Julie and Casey were the only ones who stayed.

To wrap up, more people got cut (like Janelle Arthur, Emily Anne Reed and Aaron Gutierrez), some people made it through who had no business making it through (Jacqueline Dunford), and new TPTB favorites were shown (Jacob Lusk, about whom Ryan Seacrest said "a new star emerges"). Thursday night, the Hollywood round wraps up. The show is throwing around all kinds of hyperbolic superlatives to get us to watch the show. Meh. I prefer lower expectations, thanks.

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