Friday, December 10, 2010

Video Of The Day - Paul McCartney On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Not long after landing Bruce Springsteen as a guest, Jimmy Fallon got another big one, with Sir Paul McCartney paying a visit to Late Night on Thursday. Jimmy got Paul to sing the original lyrics to "Yesterday", which infamously started out as with a working title of "Scrambled Eggs". Check the two of them singing "Scrambled Eggs" below (nice harmonies, Jimmy!).

Paul later talked about John Lennon and his death and then performed the song "Here Today" in tribute to him. He intro'd the song by telling the audience, "This is a conversation that we never had. We say to people, if you want to say to someone you love them, tell them now because there may come a point when it's too late and you think I wish I had said that."

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