Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kris Allen At Chris-Mix

Kris Allen performed an epic set as the headliner of the Mix 104.9 Chris-Mix in Santa Rosa, doing the full version of "Gangsta's Paradise". FULL VERSION. RAPPING.

He started the song by talking about how he did "Heartless" on American Idol and has been playing it since. And that he's done playing "Heartless" (if you don't know, he's been playing it as a mashup with "Gangsta's Paradise" for about a year now). And then they started playing the guitar intro for "Heartless", and we were all in the audience going ...... um ....? before he went full into K-Swizzle rap mode.

By the way, the audience reaction to this was deafening. This got the biggest applause of the night by far.

Also, check out this video of Kris doing a strip-tease of his cardigan while Cale plays the guitar lick for Under Pressure (or Ice Ice Baby lol). The background story is that Kris said earlier that it was hot, and someone in the audience yelled "Take off your sweater!". Kris joked that they had it planned out for the seventh song in the concert.

And one more video: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (gorgeous vocals!):

The setlist was: Alright With Me, Can't Stay Away, Red Guitar, Everybody Wants To Rule The World/The Way You Make Me Feel, Before We Come Undone, Gangsta's Paradise, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Happy Birthday, Stuck In A Moment, The Truth, Live Like We're Dying, The Christmas Song/We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The original setlist (which was written on a paper plate lol) had To Make You Feel My Love next to Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, as well as Falling Slowly on it. Apparently, they added Gangsta's Paradise because the original setlist had too many slow songs.

Also performing at the Chris-Mix were local band Pat Jordan Band, Days Difference (or, as I called them, Day Difference since only the lead singer Jeremy was there) and Hedley, a fairly successful Canadian band whose lead singer Jacob Hoggard placed third in the second season of Canadian Idol. Pat Jordan Band sang some lulzy songs, including one that made you think he was singing about hard-ons, another song that was about sitting at a bus stop sucking on a pork chop (because lollipop doesn't rhyme with stop?) and something else about dropping a load. IDEK. Days Difference was fine - Jeremy has a nice voice and plays the piano well. He apparently chipped a tooth while singing. If you've seen him perform, you would not be surprised. I enjoyed Hedley. I'm not sure I would necessarily enjoy full band Hedley, but acoustic half of Hedley was really enjoyable for me. Jacob's season of Canadian Idol was one of my favorite seasons of any Idol show I've seen, and it was cool to see him do his thing and to see his band finally make some headway in the States. I know they tried to break in the U.S. a few years ago, but weren't able to get off the ground much. Their song "Perfect" is doing pretty well at radio right now.

And then Kris. It's kind of hard to put into words just how amazing this concert was. Bill Pinella from the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat did a good job of doing this (Read review here). All I can really say is Kris is the kind of performer you just want to keep seeing over and over again because you just never know what you're going to get; he's constantly surprising us. I really can't emphasize enough how much personality, charm and humor Kris has and how much fun his shows are.


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