Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Script Live At The Wiltern

The Script started off its first U.S. headlining tour this week in California, kicking off their tour in San Diego on Monday and then playing at the Wiltern in Los Angeles on Tuesday. I went to the LA show and came away thoroughly impressed by this group. They are charming, engaging, energetic and extremely humble.

They only have one album available in the U.S. and just released a second album in the U.K., and they seemed so overwhelmed and touched by the response they got to their music. After the crowd sang the entire song during "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" (which was released twice to radio in the U.S.), lead singer Danny O'Donoghue got a little choked up and started to tear up. He couldn't be more adorable.

Well, that's not entirely true. He can. His dancing! He cannot stand still during a song, even when he's behind the keyboards. He flails about the whole time (even nearly face-planting right into the audience while hopping off the stage to get onto a bench right in front of the barricade during "If You See Kay"). And when he's not on an instrument, he's dancing around in circles. You can see this on almost every video.

The Script sang songs from both albums, and you could tell there were some hard-core fans there because they were singing along to every single song, especially on "Breakeven". I normally don't like big sing-alongs because I want to hear the singer sing it, but the sound system at the Wiltern was so bad that I'm kinda glad everyone was singing along so you could actually hear the words.

The new songs are great, although they didn't play my favorite amongst the ones I've heard - Exit Wounds. Of the ones they played, I especially liked "Nothing", which has been in my head all day, and the current single, "For The First Time." Also memorable was "Science & Faith", which sounds remarkably like Kris Allen's "Red Guitar" (Listen to the opening guitar riffs. Holy cow. They all need to collaborate at some point. I think they could come up with something totally amazing together).

Here are the videos I took from Tuesday.

You Won't Feel A Thing (from new album):

Before The Worst:

The End Where I Begin:

I'm Yours:

Nothing (from the new album):

For The First Time (from the new album):

Opening act Hugo with a banjo-fied cover of Jay-Z's "99 Problems":

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