Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NoBo Goes Reggae

Kris Allen has a knack for turning songs on its ear with his unique arrangements. No melody in that song, Kanye? BOOM. Now there is one. Now Kris has done the unthinkable - he's made his Idol coronation song "No Boundaries" sound ... good. Yeah. No Freakin' Boundaries. That of the stupid "weather a hurricane" line (LOL Kara Dioguardi. What were you on?). Kris put an acoustic reggae spin on the song in an exclusive Entertainment Weekly video with Michael Slezak.

Go click this link to watch!

Pretty awesome, huh? It's got a Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" feel to it. I kinda hope he sings this at a solo show soon haha.

Kris's reggae-fied song reminds me of Kelly Clarkson rocking up her "A Moment Like This" on her Breakaway Tour in 2005:

LOL that all the Idols either never sing their coronation songs again after tour, even if they were pretty big hits (hello, David Cook!) or they do something drastic to it. I THINK THIS IS A SIGN, Idol producers. PICK BETTER SONGS.

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