Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kris Allen's Single Is Alright With Me

Kris Allen announced via twitter that his third single from his self-titled debut album would be fan favorite "Alright With Me", which Kris co-wrote with The Fray's Joe King. King also co-produced the song with Mike Flynn.

Kris tweeted, "I'm so excited to tell you that there is a 3rd single coming out. The 3rd single will be.......(drum roll)" (5 minutes later) "The next single will be "Alright With Me". Thanks to everyone that has already believed in this song. This fall is gonna be a lot of fun."

Kris and Joe King got together last summer for a writing session in Virginia Beach after Kris sent Joe an email asking to collaborate. They recorded the demo in Timbaland's studio, and Joe told MTV later that Timbaland's brother heard what they were doing and "said if Timbaland was upstairs and he heard this melody, he'd walk in the studio and say, 'That's a melody.'"

"Alright With Me" has been a constant in Kris's set list since the Jingle Ball shows last December. He first performed it at the Jingle Ball in Sacramento for 107.9 The End. And, as you can see from the video, people really took to the song live. It's a fun crowd participation song, whether you're singing the yeahs, clapping along, or dancing on stage (hi, friends!).

This one here is one of my favorite performances of this song, done at a radio show in Connecticut. While standing on a stool. OK, bad-ass.

And, of course, the song was featured in Kris's Ford commercials, which ran throughout Season 9 of American Idol.

This song is catchy as hell, and SO fun to listen to. I think it has hit potential written all over it. Hopefully Jive will be sending Kris out to all the radio stations to do promo for the song while he's out on the road with Lifehouse this fall. Their fall tour starts Oct. 15 in Mashantucket, CT.


Carol said...

I don't come here often, and clicked on the video just to see if I could see something new in Kris that I never saw before. Didn't happen. How did more people vote for him than for the guy with a 4+ octave range, perfect pitch, gorgeous tone and complete vocal control? Those Arkansas/AT&T/Chick-fil-a conspiracy theories make more and more sense all the time.

Anonymous said...

Actually Carol, Kris fans are "normal" fans. The rabid other guy fans are just more in your face obnoxious. Just because you want the world to think Kris is "less than" does not make it so. People are not stupid, even my aging mother has seen through your nasty character slurs.

Oh, may I just ask why you can't be honest (since it's such a supposed big deal to you) and stick to one user name when you go around bashing.

And, why would you be clicking on Kris news to see what he's doing anyway. I will hand it to you though, I did not see you bashing any articles about Kris performing for the troops overseas. It must have been all you could do to sit on those pecking fingers. You must have realized how low you would go in doing that.

Sadly for you, most of the readers now recognize you for what you are. I'm just too much of a lady to say it.

To you Kris? I love your music and all you stand for. You are one fine gentleman. Can't wait to hear the new single on the radio.

parisa said...

I love kris Allen,he is the best singer!