Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kris Allen Sleepwalks Naked - And It's Alright With Me

Kris Allen visited with his pals at MTV and Entertainment Weekly on Monday afternoon after his NYC tour stop with Lifehouse and not only gave each an acoustic performance of his current single "Alright With Me" but divulged quite a story from the road. After receiving a tip from Kris's own mother, MTV's Jim Cantiello got Kris to share the story of the night he got locked out of his hotel room without his clothes on after sleepwalking. And how he walked up and down the hallways looking for a napkin from room service to help cover his "man parts".

Watch Kris tell this hilarious story here:

The 7-part video continues with more fun times with Krim, who talk about how great it is to have "dude fans" at the concerts, about Kris loving his set "right now" (I see you loving the fact that "The Truth" is not on the setlist right now, Kris Allen! I see you! CoughSetKillerCough), his buck t-shirt he is selling at the merch tables, Alright With Me, and Lee DeWyze's single, Sweet Serendipity.

Kris and his guitarist Cale Mills then performed a really nice acoustic version of Alright With Me:

Entertainment Weekly got its own version of Alright With Me from Kris and Cale and will have an interview plus another acoustic performance of "a certain 'controversial' ditty", as Michael Slezak teased. I'm thinking it's "The Truth", but kinda hoping it's something legit controversial, like "Darling Nikki" (LOL that will never happen)

Here's Alright With Me, EW style:

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