Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lifehouse At L.A. County Fair

I started my summer seeing Lifehouse at the San Diego County Fair on July 1, so it was a nice full circle moment that I came to end my summer seeing Lifehouse at the LA County Fair on Sept. 6. After a fun day with awesome fair food (Deep-fried banana split ... that may have been the best dessert I've ever had in my life. It's near the front entrance of the Fairgrounds!), Lifehouse put a nice end to my summer with a rocking set that had a good mix of songs from the new album and some older hits.

As usual, the guys put on a great show and were in fine form vocally and musically. The show only made me want their fall tour to start immediately (mostly because they didn't play "Everything" again, which they have said they will during their fall headlining tour, but also because Kris Allen is opening for them, which guarantees you two awesome concerts in one. GO SEE THEM).

The setlist included (not totally in order): All In, Halfway Gone, Nerve Damage, Whatever It Takes, Wrecking Ball, Blind, Smoke And Mirrors, Hanging By A Moment, Somebody Else's Song, You And Me, Falling In, Take Me Away, The First Time, Broken (encore).

Alana Grace and Carolina Liar opened the show. I missed the former but caught the latter. I only know their one big hit, "Show Me What I'm Looking For", but liked a couple of their other songs later in their set. However, their lead singer has really got to work on some of his stage mannerisms. I understand that he's trying to get the crowd fired up for Lifehouse, which is his job, but, and I'm totally not exaggerating, don't gesture and ask us to get loud EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. And then tell us we can do better than that. DUDE. And also, don't ask us to show you some love. It sounds desperate. I'll give him a ton of credit, though, for coming out there and performing despite getting hit with severe animal allergies while out at the fair.

Here are some videos. I tried to get some of the ones I didn't get the last time I saw them. I was much closer the last time (about 3 deep from the stage!) but much more comfortable in seats this time.

All In:

Nerve Damage:


Hanging By A Moment:

Somebody Else's Song:

Falling In:

Take Me Away:



SarahBeth said...

YAY, thanks for the goodies! I can't wait to see Lifehouse and Kris next month.

Also - UNF JASON. Pleased to be wearing more sleeveless shirts. :D

mylifeback said...

Ohhh, love these videos! I can hardly wait for the Lifehouse/Kris Allen tour :DDD