Monday, September 20, 2010

Early DwtS Favorites Emerge On Week One

After the first day, there looks to be a pretty sizeable difference between the top of the pack and the bottom of the pack on Dancing with the Stars, and I'm not sure that the gap can be bridged. Looking to be the early favorites are Jennifer Grey and Brandy (duh to both) amongst the women and Kyle Massey and Rick Fox amongst the men, with Kurt Warner a possible dark horse.

Audrina Patridge/Tony Davolani - Cha Cha Cha ("California Gurls" by Katy Perry)
She's stiffer than I thought she'd be. She's a socialite. Doesn't she go to the clubs all the time?
Score: 6-7-6=19

Kurt Warner/Anna Trebunskaya - Viennese Waltz ("This Ain't A Love Song" by Bon Jovi)
Looked a lot better than I expected from his video package where he looked like he had NO RHYTHM. Kurt has a charm about him. I think he might last fairly long.
Score: 7-5-7=19

Kyle Massey/Lacey Schwimmer - Cha Cha Cha ("My First Kiss" by 3Oh!3 & Ke$ha)
He's a showman, that's for sure! I thought his technique was a bit lacking, but he made up for it/hid it with his sheer enthusiasm.
Score: 8-7-8=23

Rick Fox/Cheryl Burke - Viennese Waltz ("Crazy" by Aerosmith)
Foxy Mr. Fox. UNF (p.s. bring back the facial hair). He's got charisma, charm, sex appeal and grace.
Score: 8-7-7=22

Margaret Cho/Louis Van Amstel - Viennese Waltz ("We Are The Champions" by Queen)
WTAF is this costume? And this routine?! Was this a joke or did she get so caught up in her costume that they had no choice but to make it a joke?
Score: 5-5-5=15

Brandy/Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Viennese Waltz ("Cry Me Out" by Pixie Lott)
She's very good - elegant, with good movement and posture. And she's a performer, so she can definitely sell a performance.
Score: 7-8-8=23

Bristol Palin/Mark Ballas - Cha Cha Cha ("Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Tom Jones)
I think we're grading on a curve again here. She barely danced at all, and she was stiff, but because no one was expecting any of that (the costume, her actually moving), they weren't hard on her at all. Meh. I cannot believe Len scored Kurt Warner lower than her. Total b.s.
Score: 6-6-6=18

Florence Henderson/Corky Ballas - Cha Cha Cha ("Kiss Me Honey Honey" by Shirley Bassey)
Oh good lord. I can't handle Corky Ballas and his faces. It's so weird because Florence moves and looks like a robot sometimes. This is so incompatable. I can't even watch this.
Score: 6-6-6=18

Michael Bolton/Chelsie Hightower - Viennese Waltz ("Life After You" by Daughtry)
He seemed to have a little bit of a struggle keeping up with her at times. He also doesn't bring a lot ot the floor in terms of performance, but that's not too surprising given the kind of (boring) music he puts out.
Score: 6-5-5=16

The Situation/Karina Smirnoff - Cha Cha Cha ("Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz)
SUCH A GUIDO. And I laughed that Len and Bruno spent most of their time cutting him down ("You've got the gun but not the ammunition" - point Len)
Score: 5-5-5=15

Jennifer Grey/Derek Hough - Viennese Waltz ("These Arms Of Mine" by Otis Redding)
CoughRingerCough. That being said, that was really good. And I'm glad they got the Swayze out of the way in week one. Hopefully they won't keep harping on it.
Score: 8-8-8=24

David Hasselhoff/Kym Johnson - Cha Cha Cha ("Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones)
Wow. Embrace the cheese much, Hoff? WOW. And LMAO at the awkward silence when Brooke Burke asked how he felt about getting a 15 and he said it was 15 less than they had hoped. Uhhhh ....
Score: 5-5-5=15

Who's going home? Trainwrecks usually don't go home first, so it's probably going to be someone in the middle of the pack - probably Audrina or Michael. I'd be more than ok with Bristol or the Situation leaving, however! They hardly even qualify as "Stars" anyway.

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I really admire Jennifer Grey's tribute to Patrick Swayze. She's doing Dancing with the Stars for him, class.