Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kris Allen, Keith Urban Sing Jack And Diane

In their fourth show together, Kris Allen and Keith Urban tried on a new cover at the Indiana State Fair, replacing "Boys of Summer" with "Jack and Diane" by Indiana native John Mellencamp.

This is a great crowd song, and they really engaged the audience with the sing-along. In fact, Kris was having so much fun with the sing-along he kept on going with it while Keith was trying to move on to the rest of the song. OOPS! It's so adorkable though, especially when they start laughing after they get to the end of that part. Keith did warn the audience at the beginning that they've never played the song "which hopefully won't be apparent". LOL. But for the most part it wasn't. I thought it sounded great and was a lot of fun to watch.

Check out video here, from Kris's YouTube:

And another video, from supox30:

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bravoksw said...

Ohhh Yeah Life goes on...
Kris and Keith were fantastic together.

Thanks for sharing.