Thursday, August 26, 2010

John Mayer Opens For John Mayer At Hollywood Bowl

John Mayer gave concert-goers a special treat at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday night, doing a four-song set with pianist Brad Mehldau prior to his regular set. Or as he called it, "Hi, I'm John Mayer opening for John Mayer."

Mayer sang "The Wind Cries Mary" by Jimi Hendrix, "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith, "Going To California" (Led Zeppelin)/"Stop This Train" and "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve, all stripped down. It was incredible. And only the beginning of an amazing show.

The Wind Cries Mary:

Can't Find My Way Home:

Going To California/Stop This Train:

Bittersweet Symphony:

After a quick tear-down, Mayer came back onstage to play his regular set. The setlist was: Chest Fever/Vultures, Clarity, Why Georgia, Ain't No Sunshine, Perfectly Lonely, I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You), Heartbreak Warfare, Gravity, Who Says, Waiting On A World To Change, Do You Know Me, Half Of My Heart (with Don't Stop Believing), Edge of Desire (encore). Many of the songs in the set turned into extended versions thanks to banter in the middle of the song (Gravity) or just jamming out.

I've heard that he changes his setlist a lot, which I LOVE, although I'm a little sad I didn't get Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, which he played the next show at Irvine, but then again, they didn't get Why Georgia, or the whole piano set. But knowing that there's no set setlist makes me want to go to more shows, which is really smart for performers and really great for people who go to multiple concerts.

And Mayer is incredible in concert. Say what you will about his personal life, but his musicianship is world-class. He's also hilarious. His banter between songs (and even during) was A+. Before playing "Do You Know Me", he introduced it as a deep album cut and said that if you're not a fan of deep album cuts "now's the time you may want to use the bathroom." There were also vuvuzela, Ticketmaster and "rich dad section" jokes. During Gravity, he talks about how when he's in LA he ends up "drunk around complete shitheads" and "in the asshole of LA" (oh the perils of being famous) and how he hates it. So he says, "Will you take me out sometime to the places you like to go? Can we just go to PF Chang's? Because my heart is about to die." And then he goes on some wicked guitar solo where he's playing it on the ground, then on the drum cymbal at the end. That whole video pretty much sums up the entire night.


Do You Know Me:

Why Georgia:

Edge of Desire:

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