Monday, August 30, 2010

Dancing With The Stars S11 Cast Announced

The cast for the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars was announced live during ABC's summer reality show The Bachelor Pad. And that makes me very thankful I live on the West Coast and don't have to sit through that to find out what's going on.

Unfortunately, the show is continuing this disturbing trend of casting reality "stars." Following in the footsteps of Kate Gosselin is The Situation. I'm thrilled. Can you tell? :| And let's not even talk about Bristol Palin. ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW, SHOW?!

The full cast list:
Brandy (singer)
Jennifer Grey (actress)
Margaret Cho (comedienne)
Audrina Patridge (reality star)
Florence Henderson (actress)
Bristol Palin (ugh. She has no title. WTF-ever)
Michael Bolton (singer)
The Situation (reality star)
David Hasslehoff (actor)
Kurt Warner (football player)
Kyle Massey (Disney actor/rapper)
Rick Fox (basketball player)

Celebrity pairings will be announced on Wednesday. There are rumors that Jennifer Grey will be paired with Derek Hough. I. AM. SHOCKED. Only not. One of these days, the show will get off his jock and pair him with someone who's a challenge. They should have put him with Florence Henderson. Even Julianne got a dud once (Adam Carolla). I call it right now - he and Jennifer will make the finals, where they'll recreate the Dirty Dancing dance with the lift. Bleh.
In other DwtS news, Edyta Sliwinska has quit the show. She had been the only professional who had been on every season.

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Jennifer Grey said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey for having the guts to go back dancing on DWTS for her former co-star.