Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ryan Star 11:59 Track List Revealed

It has been a long wait, but Ryan Star's major label solo debut 11:59 will be released on August 3. For nearly the past four years, I've seen him sing a variety of songs in consideration for the album, and I've been dying to know what made the cut. now has the track list up, and I've heard and love every song on this album. There isn't a single song I would skip on this.

Two songs - "We Might Fall" and "Losing Your Memory" (!!!!) are from his indie CD, Songs from the Eye of an Elephant. I know that "We Might Fall" was retooled a bit from before, but I'm really interested to see if "Losing Your Memory" (aka the song that single-handedly made me buy everything he ever put out) was retooled.

The track list:
1. Brand New Day
2. Right Now
3. Last Train Home
4. Breathe
5. We Might Fall
6. This Could Be The Year
7. Unbreak
8. Start A Fire
9. Losing Your Memory
10. 11:59

Two notables that are missing are "You and Me" and "Somebody's Son". "You and Me" is amazing and needs to get out there. I have heard that it will be on a deluxe version, though, and hopefully there are other tracks that will join it because 10 songs isn't nearly enough.

Ryan is celebrating his CD release on Aug. 3 with a concert in New York City at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza. He also has dates around the country to support the release. For dates, visit his website at


Kimberwyn said...

w000t! So...we need to hear Start A Fire, lol.

"but I'm really interested to see if "Losing Your Memory" was retooled. "

It was.

Water Cooler Convo said...

Start A Fire was on Hit Predictor and Rate the Music this week. If you don't have an account with either, make sure you have HAC selected as your music preference.

Anonymous said...

So exciting! The song start a fire is up at this blog here:

miel said...

I need to have Somebody's Son! Hope they include it. *fingers crossed*

Andrew said...

Can not WAIT to hear it! I'll def be at the release show in NYC that day