Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kris Allen Plays 2 Sold-Out Shows In San Diego

Kris Allen and his band are beasts. Yes, this is a compliment. They played two (sold-out) back-to-back full-set shows (29 songs in total) in San Diego on Saturday night and delivered two of the best concerts I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot lately. Between the two shows, they basically played every song in their arsenal (every album song except Before We Come Undone and Let It Rain), plus a ridiculously stunning off-setlist solo acoustic "To Make You Feel My Love", which Kris has not performed since last October.

The thing about Kris Allen shows is you never know what you're going to get. After Kris sold out this show in about three hours, Anthology announced they were going to add a second show that evening. And a decent amount of people, including myself, got tickets to the second show as well, knowing full well that Kris was most likely not going to do the same set in the second show. And he sure didn't.

Show #1: Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Written All Over My Face, Red Guitar, The Truth, Alright With Me, Don't Look Back In Anger, Send Me All Your Angels, Lifetime, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, I Need To Know, Come Together.

Show #2: Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Written All Over My Face, Can't Stay Away, The Truth, Red Guitar, Maybe, Alright With Me, Paranoid Android, Bring It Back, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, To Make You Feel My Love (solo, acoustic), Falling Slowly/With Or Without You, Come Together.

Either one of these shows with these setlists would have been amaze-balls on its own. But combined? DEAD. And add into that Kris's hilarious banter, him having a "conversation" with ET, and him stopping Is It Over mid-song in show #2 to go to the bathroom. Seriously. Just LMAO. He stopped the band, announced he really had to pee, and then the band just ad-libbed while he was off-stage. When he came back, he just picked right back up. I was dying. So freakin' hilarious. I could not stop laughing for the entire song (Video of Kris afterwards talking about his need to pee)

Also, Kris's bassist Chris Torres deserves some serious props and respect. He's like whoah. His band, The Grass Heat, opened for Kris on both shows. Torres sang and played bass guitar on, I believe, five songs. That means Torres played about 40 songs tonight. With barely any break. And he sounded great the entire show.

Video police was in full effect, so any video that was taken was via pure ninja skill. And is probably either obstructed or shaky, with a little bit of table conversation being picked up. So bear with us all.

Here's my video of "I Need To Know":

"Send Me All Your Angels":

"Don't Look Back In Anger":

"To Make You Feel My Love" (from Apriljoiex83):



Anonymous said...

Kris sounded so beautiful and his vocals is great! That's one thing I love about kris, always creative in his set and funny too. He is amazing live!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all the videos you post. Kris is so good. This is beautiful. (Unfortunately, Cale is video-bombing this one as he does so many others.)

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment after your last post (which was also awesome) & thank you for the recaps & the videos, but it would't let me comment for some reason. Anyway, it's so much fun to read your recaps & watch the videos. I love Send Me All Your Angels!

Anonymous said...

Kris is beautiful & so is his voice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review...wish I could see him live soon!

Anonymous said...

They were the BEST shows I've seen yet. Kris was amazingly fabulous. The whole band was great. The second show was better than the first. Anyone who thinks Kris Allen is strictly vanilla needs to get their taste buds checked.

watch the oc said...

thanks for this video i like it

Heather said...

Oh I agree, I've probably been to at least 10 different concerts this month, and that hands down, was the best! Him and the band are incredible, always! The 2nd show was hilarious ahahaha. Not to mention after singing 30 songs for 4 hours, he signed autographs for over an hour. He's awesome that's all I can say, and I'd love to see 234870328 more shows at Anthology, it was great :)

gabrieloak said...

If they sold a DVD of the two concerts I would buy it immediately since he isn't playing anywhere near me in the near future.