Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kris Allen Opens For Keith Urban At Mid-State Fair

Kris Allen reunited with Keith Urban on Wednesday evening in Paso Robles, CA for his second supporting gig with the country superstar. After his nine-song opening set, Kris came out during Keith's set to sing "Boys of Summer" again.

Kris's setlist was: Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Maybe, Alright With Me, The Truth, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying and Come Together. This was Kris's first time playing "Maybe" in an opening gig, and it was a great choice for this country crowd. He introduced it as for the country music lovers out there, an Alison Krauss cover "featuring Andrew DeRoberts". Kris and the band also did "Alright With Me" with a little more country flair, with the guitars sounding a bit more rockabilly than usual. The fans there also appreciated the Kanye, as I saw some guys near me, including a security guard, singing along to Heartless.

There had to have been at least 10,000 people at the concert (and the guy in the cowboy hat three rows directly in front of me pretty much knew half of the 10,000 people there and proceeded to block my view of Kris's entire set while he socialized with the entire town, thus leaving me with barely any video. Sigh. Also, everyone in front of me was close to 6 feet tall, so that didn't help either.). Keith Urban was amazing. Great energy, played so well to the crowd. He went into the audience - walked down a couple of aisles and played at the back of the floor towards the grandstands with his lite-bright guitar. His ballads are the ones that get to me, though. He dedicated "Only You Can Love Me That Way" to his wife and made me get all chin-hands all over the place. "Making Memories of Us" was great, and "Tonight I Wanna Cry" during the encore was gorgeous.

Kris got a great reception when he came out for "Boys of Summer" (note the aforementioned guy in the cowboy hat bopping his head around the entire song). Just prior to that, Keith was introducing his band. Guitarist Brian Nutter sang a few lines of Journey's "Open Arms", followed by bassist Jerry Flowers singing and playing "Ain't No Sunshine" in what Keith called "the So You Think You Can Sing contest." I was starting to think that maybe Kris would come out and join Jerry in the middle of that song (didn't happen) but when he finished, Keith said they were going to do something special tonight. "Speaking of winning singing contests, please welcome back to the stage Kris Allen!" They had previously sung "Boys of Summer" at Keith's Las Vegas show in April, and they sound great on it. It's funny, though, because both Keith and Kris flubbed lines in this song. But really couldn't tell unless you're really familiar with the lyrics.

Boys of Summer:

Come Together:

Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry:



Anonymous said...

Wow, what nice performance both for KU and KA. I can't wait for their single together.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics and videos. I've seen them separately but hope to see them together myself one day.

Anonymous said...

Kris has "NO Boundaries" Pop or country.
Very happy to see Keith and Kris (K-n-K) together. Please do it again.

Eric Schiffer fan said...

I love the song Tonight I Wanna Cry. It's on my iPod playlist for a very long time now. Sounds good too in piano version.