Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kings Of Leon At Irvine (Videos)

I went to the Kings of Leon concert in Irvine last Wednesday. At the risk of sounding like a bandwagon-er, I really only know the songs from the current album and so I was only familiar with about half of the songs they played. Despite that, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. They played their earlier stuff, their current stuff and also some new songs. My favorite of the new songs is called "Southbound" and was one of my favorites of their entire set, actually. I managed to record part of "Immortals" (without knowing what it was lol), but KoL's management has been taking down You Tube videos of these new songs, so I'm not going to upload it, but it's good.

Here are a few of the other videos that I took:

Taper Jean Girl:




Sex On Fire:


On Call:

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