Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jordin Sparkles On Battlefield Tour

Jordin Sparks' Battlefield Tour hit Los Angeles on Friday night. Playing to a packed house at Club Nokia, she performed for about an hour and half songs from her Battlefield and eponymous albums, as well as "Breathe" from the musical In The Heights, which she will be performing in on Broadway this fall.

This is Jordin's first headlining tour, but she performed like a veteran, engaging the audience with her bubbly personality, working the entire stage and interacting with her band and backup singers. Dressed simply in an orange tank top and jeans, Jordin conveyed to the mostly teenage girl audience (overheard on the LA Live plaza as I was leaving: "Why are there so many teenagers here? Is there a Jonas Brothers concert tonight?") just the thing that helped her win American Idol - relatability. She's like the girl next door that you want to be BFFs with. Except that I don't know many girls in my neighborhood who can sing like that. Jordin's got pipes. That girl can flat-out sing. And she can sing for days. She was hitting as big of notes on her last song ("No Air") as she did nearly an hour and a half earlier at the top of the set. Jordin also showed some creativity, reggae-izing "No Air" after a lengthy and classy band introduction that allowed her 7-piece band to show off their skills (I was most impressed with her keyboardist and female backup singer. Those two can really sing!).

Highlights of Jordin's set for me were "Walking on Snow" (WHY was this not a single? That song is so good and catchy as heck! **gives side-eye to Jive), "No Parade", "Battlefield", "No Air", and "Art of Love", which she sang with the first Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian. I watched some of Guy's season on AusIdol, and I wasn't really a big fan, but he and Jordin sound great on this song, and the song is awesome. GO GET IT. And while you're at it, go get her Battlefield CD. It's only $5 at I was on the fence about buying it earlier, but I'm sold now. "Walking on Snow" convinced me.

The only real criticism I have of the show is that it took so long for Jordin to come out. She had three opening acts. Doors opened at 6:30, and she came out at 9 pm. The first act was a rap group whose name I didn't catch, and they performed one song (thankfully. That just wasn't the right fit for this show). Next up was boy band Days Difference, who were, um, enthusiastic (to a point of parody), then Ashlyne Huff, who was, um, cute and sang some songs I didn't know plus a cover of "Breakeven" by The Script. The funny thing is that Jordin came across as older than all of them. And isn't she "only 17!!!!!!!!111"? ;)

Here are a few videos from the show:


Breathe (partial):

Art Of Love:

No Air:

No Air (Reggae Reprise):

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Anonymous said...

Jordin is such a talent and to have another urber talented vocalist like Guy Sebastian performing with her was such a treat!!