Tuesday, July 06, 2010

AI9 Tour Date Changes, Cancellations

Things are not looking good for the American Idol Season 9 Idols Live tour. The tour, which is being promoted by Live Nation, has announced some cancellations and schedule changes, with even the two finalists' hometown shows seeing date changes. The tour, which was scheduled to run till Sept. 16, will now end on Aug. 31.

The cities that had dates changed are:
Bridgeport, CT - moved from 9/13 to 7/9
Chicago, IL - moved from 8/30 to 8/28
Cincinnati, OH - moved from 9/3 to 8/30
Des Moines, IA - moved from 8/31 to 8/26
Indianapolis, IN - moved from 9/4 to 8/31
Minneapolis, MN - moved from 8/29 to 8/27
Pittsburgh, PA - moved from 9/14 to 7/21 in new venue (First Niagara Pavilion)
Toledo, OH - moved from 9/2 to 8/29

Cancelled shows are in:
Buffalo, NY - 9/10
Cleveland, OH - 9/11
Kansas City, MO - 8/27
Omaha, NE - 8/26
Portland, ME - 9/16
Toronto, ON - 9/9
Winnipeg, MB - 9/7

To see the latest full schedule, CLICK HERE.

There doesn't seem to be any official explanation being made for the date changes and cancellations, but it's clearly about sagging ticket sales. Media reported lots of empty seats and the curtained-off upper-deck at the opening show in Detroit (The Detroit News guesstimated the venue to be at about 2/3 capacity.

I feel bad for the Idols, since this is a good source of income that they are losing, and I also really feel bad for the fans of said Idols because a lot of people make plans to come to specific shows, and while one may be free to go to Bridgeport, CT on September 13, they may not have the time to book a quick trip there on July 9 on like 3 days notice. Also, Idol fans tend to make special trips to see the last show of the tour since it always ends up being somewhat epic, and that Portland, Maine show that was supposed to be on Sept. 16 is gone. This is just one big giant clusterfuck, and if people weren't already saying that Season 9 was the worst season of Idol ever, this is only providing support that it is.

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the kids this year - I mean, it's no secret they aren't the most talented bunch, but I honestly thought this tour would be pretty immune to the flagging ticket sales across the board this summer. If only because it was a family show. Guess I was wrong - and I have a feeling that outrageous ticket prices had something to do with it. My understanding is tickets were often around $100, and if you're taking a family to something that expensive, you're probably more likely to opt for something that gives you a little more bang for your buck.

Hopefully everyone that wants to go gets to go - I know people in Canada, for instance, that were going to go Toronto and that show was canceled only HOURS before the only other Canadian show, so people waiting to go to that one ended up missing out completely.