Friday, July 30, 2010

Video Of The Day - Best Goal Celebration Ever

The World Cup may be over, but that doesn't mean we have to ignore soccer for another four years. Check out this goal celebration by Halldor Orri from Iceland in the Stjarnan vs. Fylkir game. Orri reels in his teammate Johann Laxdal (lax is Icelandic for salmon, apparently):

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kris Allen Opens For Keith Urban At Mid-State Fair

Kris Allen reunited with Keith Urban on Wednesday evening in Paso Robles, CA for his second supporting gig with the country superstar. After his nine-song opening set, Kris came out during Keith's set to sing "Boys of Summer" again.

Kris's setlist was: Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Maybe, Alright With Me, The Truth, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying and Come Together. This was Kris's first time playing "Maybe" in an opening gig, and it was a great choice for this country crowd. He introduced it as for the country music lovers out there, an Alison Krauss cover "featuring Andrew DeRoberts". Kris and the band also did "Alright With Me" with a little more country flair, with the guitars sounding a bit more rockabilly than usual. The fans there also appreciated the Kanye, as I saw some guys near me, including a security guard, singing along to Heartless.

There had to have been at least 10,000 people at the concert (and the guy in the cowboy hat three rows directly in front of me pretty much knew half of the 10,000 people there and proceeded to block my view of Kris's entire set while he socialized with the entire town, thus leaving me with barely any video. Sigh. Also, everyone in front of me was close to 6 feet tall, so that didn't help either.). Keith Urban was amazing. Great energy, played so well to the crowd. He went into the audience - walked down a couple of aisles and played at the back of the floor towards the grandstands with his lite-bright guitar. His ballads are the ones that get to me, though. He dedicated "Only You Can Love Me That Way" to his wife and made me get all chin-hands all over the place. "Making Memories of Us" was great, and "Tonight I Wanna Cry" during the encore was gorgeous.

Kris got a great reception when he came out for "Boys of Summer" (note the aforementioned guy in the cowboy hat bopping his head around the entire song). Just prior to that, Keith was introducing his band. Guitarist Brian Nutter sang a few lines of Journey's "Open Arms", followed by bassist Jerry Flowers singing and playing "Ain't No Sunshine" in what Keith called "the So You Think You Can Sing contest." I was starting to think that maybe Kris would come out and join Jerry in the middle of that song (didn't happen) but when he finished, Keith said they were going to do something special tonight. "Speaking of winning singing contests, please welcome back to the stage Kris Allen!" They had previously sung "Boys of Summer" at Keith's Las Vegas show in April, and they sound great on it. It's funny, though, because both Keith and Kris flubbed lines in this song. But really couldn't tell unless you're really familiar with the lyrics.

Boys of Summer:

Come Together:

Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry:


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kris Allen In Reno

Kris Allen performed a solo headlining show at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino on Tuesday night, a day after wrapping up his video shoot for "The Truth" (read more about the video from MTV's Jim Cantiello).

Kris performed 14 songs: Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Written All Over My Face, Red Guitar, The Truth, Alright With Me, Maybe, Send Me All Your Angels, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, To Make You Feel My Love (encore, solo acoustic), Falling Slowly/With Or Without You (encore), and Come Together (encore).

Can't Stay Away:

Red Guitar:


Is It Over:

To Make You Feel My Love:

Falling Slowly/With Or Without You:

And my photos:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Michael Sarver Releases Debut CD

Michael Sarver became the seventh member of the AI8 Top 10 to release an album, with his self-titled debut album dropping on July 27.

Sarver's CD, which is being released by Dream Records, is available in stores and on iTunes for $9.99 and Amazon for $7.99.

You can read more about Sarver and his album release at
American Idol's Michael Sarver Talks About Being the New Guy in Country

Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard Bring AI2 Back On Timeless Tour

American Idol Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken are touring together in what looks to be more like a variety show than two solo artists co-headlining.

Check out this medley of 90's songs they perform together (includes This Is How We Do It, Poison, End of the Road). I ... just ... LOL.

There's another medley, of 60's classics. This is very American Idol, circa 2002:

And in their opening number, Ruben starts out singing his coronation song, "Flying Without Wings" until Clay interrupts and starts singing what wwould have been his, "This Is The Night", and then it kind of turns into a musical duel.

(videos from clackattack5230)

If you want to see Clay crotch-grab and sing and dance to some of your favorite tunes, here are their remaining dates. It actually seems more entertaining (read: hilarious) than the current Idol tour, tbh:

Clay Aiken/Ruben Studdard Timeless Tour:
July 26 – Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
July 29 – Snoqualmie WA – Casino- Mountain View Plaza (Buy Tickets)
July 31 – Reno, NV – Silver Legacy Casino (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 1 – Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 3 – Milwaukee, WI – Potawatomi Casino (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 5 – Windsor, ON – Caesar’s (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 6 – Chautauqua, NY – Chautauqua Institution Amphitheatre (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 7 – Mashantucket, CT – MGM Grand Foxwoods (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 8 – Lancaster, PA – American Music Theater (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 10 – Hampton Beach, NH – HB Casino (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 11 – New York, NY – Hammerstein (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 12 – Verona, NY – Turning Stone Casino (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 13 – Hammond, IN – Horseshoe (Buy Tickets)
Aug. 14 – Biloxi, MS – Beau Rivage (Buy Tickets)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kris Allen Plays 2 Sold-Out Shows In San Diego

Kris Allen and his band are beasts. Yes, this is a compliment. They played two (sold-out) back-to-back full-set shows (29 songs in total) in San Diego on Saturday night and delivered two of the best concerts I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot lately. Between the two shows, they basically played every song in their arsenal (every album song except Before We Come Undone and Let It Rain), plus a ridiculously stunning off-setlist solo acoustic "To Make You Feel My Love", which Kris has not performed since last October.

The thing about Kris Allen shows is you never know what you're going to get. After Kris sold out this show in about three hours, Anthology announced they were going to add a second show that evening. And a decent amount of people, including myself, got tickets to the second show as well, knowing full well that Kris was most likely not going to do the same set in the second show. And he sure didn't.

Show #1: Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Written All Over My Face, Red Guitar, The Truth, Alright With Me, Don't Look Back In Anger, Send Me All Your Angels, Lifetime, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, I Need To Know, Come Together.

Show #2: Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Written All Over My Face, Can't Stay Away, The Truth, Red Guitar, Maybe, Alright With Me, Paranoid Android, Bring It Back, Man In The Mirror, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, To Make You Feel My Love (solo, acoustic), Falling Slowly/With Or Without You, Come Together.

Either one of these shows with these setlists would have been amaze-balls on its own. But combined? DEAD. And add into that Kris's hilarious banter, him having a "conversation" with ET, and him stopping Is It Over mid-song in show #2 to go to the bathroom. Seriously. Just LMAO. He stopped the band, announced he really had to pee, and then the band just ad-libbed while he was off-stage. When he came back, he just picked right back up. I was dying. So freakin' hilarious. I could not stop laughing for the entire song (Video of Kris afterwards talking about his need to pee)

Also, Kris's bassist Chris Torres deserves some serious props and respect. He's like whoah. His band, The Grass Heat, opened for Kris on both shows. Torres sang and played bass guitar on, I believe, five songs. That means Torres played about 40 songs tonight. With barely any break. And he sounded great the entire show.

Video police was in full effect, so any video that was taken was via pure ninja skill. And is probably either obstructed or shaky, with a little bit of table conversation being picked up. So bear with us all.

Here's my video of "I Need To Know":

"Send Me All Your Angels":

"Don't Look Back In Anger":

"To Make You Feel My Love" (from Apriljoiex83):


Friday, July 23, 2010

Kris Allen, Angel Taylor, BNL Get Themselves To The Greek

Kris Allen, Angel Taylor and the Barenaked Ladies performed at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday night. I'd write up a recap/review/whatever, but there really aren't enough hours in the day to get such things accomplished in between concerts (Keith Urban tonight, Kris again on Saturday). Perhaps later I can fill in more thoughts, but for now, this will have to suffice.

Angel Taylor is absolutely lovely, as is her music. And I decided halfway through her first song that I would buy her CD. Her set was very short - maybe four songs - but she utilized her set to full effect. Her cover of Radiohead's "Creep" was awesome, and after previously talking about dancing to "Single Ladies", she surprised us at the very end of her set by actually singing a few lines from it:

After Angel's set, myself and two of the other three people I came with went to the merch table to buy her CD (the fourth person in my party already had it), and - score! - it was only $7 at the merch table. I was pleased, also, to see that she had a long enough line of people waiting for her to sign stuff that I couldn't wait or I might miss Kris. So let Angel Taylor here be an example of why opening is a good thing - it gives artists a chance to expose their music to new audiences, and just maybe they will buy your music and become fans.

I came into the show expecting to see Kris's typical set when he opens, with some variation of "Can't Stay Away", "Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise", "The Truth", "Alright With Me", "Man In The Mirror", "Is It Over", "Live Like We're Dying" and "Come Together". It did start out that way, but then Kris threw a little bit of a curveball by replacing "Man in the Mirror" with his Radiohead cover of "Paranoid Android"! Well played, Kris Allen. Well played. It was fantastic and absolutely the right call to pull out the "street cred" song.

Kris sounded fantastic. He really does get better and better each time I've seen him. No lie. This might have been the best (non-acoustic) The Truth I've heard. I noticed a few subtle changes he had made in songs from previous shows - Heartless in particular, a new ad-lib line on Is It Over (don't take another step baby), and there was also a new glory note he threw in at the end of Live Like We're Dying that sounded really cool. He even dressed it up a bit with a vest over his white t-shirt. Everything was just A+.

It's hard for me to gauge what the crowd response was because I was sitting with a bunch of Kris fans, but I did noticed a guy stand up to cheer Andrew after his guitar solo in "Is It Over". And after Kris's set, a good amount of people gave him a standing ovation. :)

Videotaping was a bit of a fail whale. Since we were sitting near the aisle, right by the usher, I got busted near the end of the first song for videoing, so I only surreptiously taped Paranoid Android and most of Can't Stay Away.

Paranoid Android:

Can't Stay Away (partial):

What I saw of Barenaked Ladies was fun. I really enjoyed hearing "One Week", "The Old Apartment" and "Pinch Me", as well as their encore medley of "Empire State of Mind/I Gotta Feeling/Baby/California Gurls". They just make stuff up on the fly; it's hilarious. Sometimes, though, it's hard to tell when they're just making stuff up or they're really singing a real song. Like, there was one song that had this circus sound to it, with banjos and lord knows what else being played, so I thought this was going to be one of their ad-libs, but they started singing, and the subject matter was so serious ("Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel"). I was just kind of ... WHAAAAT?!

Angel came out and sang "Every Subway Car" from their new album:

OK that's about enough from me. Go see these people live for yourselves. Support live music! Oh, and if you want to be spoiled on Inception, go watch a BNL concert. :P

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Allison Iraheta To Perform At Remaining Glam Nation Tour Stops

Allison Iraheta's run on Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour has been officially extended for the duration of the tour, which is scheduled to end Sept. 21 in Puyallup, WA. Allison was previously only scheduled to be on the tour until late July, but, according to a press release by Jive, has been invited to remain on tour due to "popular demand and a fan petition" by Allison and Adam fans.

Here are the remaining dates for the Glam Nation tour, which also includes Orianthi.:

July 21 - Portland, OR, Crystal Ballroom (Buy Tickets)
July 23 - San Francisco, CA, The Warfield (Buy Tickets)
July 24 - Lincoln, CA, Thunder Valley Casino (with Orianthi) (Buy Tickets)
July 25 - San Francisco, CA, The Warfield (Buy Tickets)
July 27 - Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair - Pacific Ampitheatre (Buy Tickets)
July 28 - Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair - Pacific Ampitheatre (Buy Tickets)
July 30 - San Diego, CA, Copley Symphony Hall (Buy Tickets)
July 31 - Las Vegas, NV, The Beach at Mandalay Bay (Buy Tickets)
August 1 - Tempe, AZ, Marquee Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 3 - Albuquerque, NM, Sunshine Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 4 - Lubbock, TX, The Pavilion (Buy Tickets)
August 6 - Oklahoma City, OK, Bricktown Events Center (Buy Tickets)
August 7 - Springfield, MO, Juanita K. Hammons Hall (Buy Tickets)
August 8 - St. Louis, MO, The Pageant (Buy Tickets)
August 10 - Erie, PA, Warner Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 12 - Upper Darby, PA, Tower Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 13 - Bethlehem, PA, Musikfest (Buy Tickets)
August 14 - St. Jean, QC, St. Jean Balloon Festival (Buy Tickets)
August 16 - Concord, NH, Capitol Center for the Arts (Buy Tickets)
August 17 - Providence, RI, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Buy Tickets)
August 19 - Hyannis, MA, Cape Cod Melody Tent (Buy Tickets)
August 20 - Cohasset, MA, South Shore Music Circus (Buy Tickets)
August 21 - Hampton, NH, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom (Buy Tickets)
August 23 - Albany, NY, Palace Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 24 - Staten Island, NY, St. George Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 26 - Roanoke, VA, Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 27 - Richmond, VA, The National (Buy Tickets)
August 28 - Raleigh, NC, Memorial Auditorium (Buy Tickets)
August 30 - Covington, KY, Madison Theatre (Buy Tickets)
August 31 - Indianapolis, IN, Clowes Hall (Buy Tickets)
September 1 - Evansville, IN, Victory Theater (Buy Tickets)
September 3 - Des Moines, IA, Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheatre (Buy Tickets)
September 4 - Rockford, IL, On The Waterfront (Buy Tickets)
September 5 - Peoria, IL, Peoria Civic Center Theatre (Buy Tickets)
September 8 - Houston, TX, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts (Buy Tickets)
September 10 - Thackerville, OK, WinStar World Casino (Buy Tickets)
September 11- Tunica Resorts, MS, Harrah's Tunica (Buy Tickets)
September 12- New Orleans, LA, Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts (Buy Tickets)
September 14- Atlanta, GA, Symphony Hall/Woodruff Arts Center (Buy Tickets)
September 15 - Atlanta, GA, The Tabernacle (Buy Tickets)
September 17 - Melbourne, FL, King Center for the Performing Arts (Buy Tickets: On sale 7/23) 
September 18 - St. Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay Rays game) (Buy Tickets) 
September 19 - Hollywood, FL, Hard Rock Live (Buy Tickets)
September 21 - Puyallup, WA, Western Washington Fair (Buy Tickets)

Monday, July 19, 2010

New David Archuleta Single Available On iTunes

David Archuleta's new single "Something 'Bout Love" is now available for purchase on iTunes (BUY HERE) and (BUY HERE).

The song is the lead single from his forthcoming album, The Other Side Of Down, which drops Sept. 14.

You can also listen to the song at

AI9 Tour Tickets On Sale For $10

Live Nation, which is promoting the American Idol Season 9 tour, is heavily discounting tickets yet again. Select cities have $10 tickets available for a limited time (July 19-21), and these aren't just your nosebleed seats either. I was able to pull up floor seats in both Seattle and Portland.

See below for the list of cities and dates with the $10 tickets:

7/21: Pittsburgh, PA
7/29: Virginia Beach, VA (lawn)
8/7: Woodlands, TX (lawn)
8/20: Seattle, WA (floor seats)
8/21: Portland, OR (floor)
8/23: Denver (lawn)

CLICK HERE to view all of the $10 specials this week.

Kris Allen Alice 105.9 Acoustic Performance

Alice 105.9 in Denver aired Kris Allen's acoustic performance from earlier in the week as part of Sam's Sunday School program. Kris sang four songs for AT&T Sessions: Alright With Me, Man in the Mirror, The Truth and Live Like We're Dying. It was during this radio performance that Kris picked up a ladybug and said, "I will sing to you, little ladybug" before accidentally causing its death by stompage (Read more about it here).

Here's audio from the acoustic set. We can only hope that the radio station puts up footage from the ladybug saga.

Alright With Me:

Man in the Mirror:

The Truth:

Live Like We're Dying:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kings Of Leon At Irvine (Videos)

I went to the Kings of Leon concert in Irvine last Wednesday. At the risk of sounding like a bandwagon-er, I really only know the songs from the current album and so I was only familiar with about half of the songs they played. Despite that, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. They played their earlier stuff, their current stuff and also some new songs. My favorite of the new songs is called "Southbound" and was one of my favorites of their entire set, actually. I managed to record part of "Immortals" (without knowing what it was lol), but KoL's management has been taking down You Tube videos of these new songs, so I'm not going to upload it, but it's good.

Here are a few of the other videos that I took:

Taper Jean Girl:




Sex On Fire:


On Call:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

U2 Tops Forbes' List Of Top-Earning Musicians Of 2010

Forbes listed the world's top-earning musicians of 2010 (June 2009 through June 2010), and U2 owns this list with $130 million, over $15 million more than second-place AC/DC (really? AC/DC?!). U2 made $10 million in gross tickets sales on each tour stop. EACH STOP. Makes sense when you're playing to crowds that look like this at the Rose Bowl:

Here's the Top 10:
1. U2 - $130 million
2. AC/DC - $114 million
3. Beyonce - $87 million
4. Bruce Springsteen - $70 million
5. Britney Spears - $64 million
6. Jay-Z - $63 million
7. Lady Gaga - $62 million
8. Madonna - $58 million
9. Kenny Chesney - $50 million
10t. Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Toby Keith - $48 million

Friday, July 16, 2010

Daughtry Premieres Video For September

Daughtry's latest video - "September" - premiered today on VEVO. "September" is the third single off Daughtry's Leave This Town CD and a song that Chris Daughtry has said is the most personal to him. He and guitarist Josh Steely wrote the song, which is inspired by Chris' childhood in a small town in North Carolina. The video reflects this, as it shows childhood pictures of the band members, as well as older photos of Chris and his wife and kids.

Check out the video here:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Video Of The Day - Old Spice Guy Video Replies

Old Spice's genius marketing continues with a slew of video responses from Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, to celebrity and random commenters/tweeters. There are videos on the Old Spice YouTube page to Alyssa Milano, Apolo Anton Ohno, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, Perez Hilton, Justine Bateman, Rose McGowan, Starbucks, and many more. AMAZING.

Check out this one to Gizmodo, who asked if anything will surpass the loofah as the predominant body-wash applying technology:

And here's one to Alyssa Milano that references Who's The Boss:

Arianna Afsar Wins Miss California (Video)

American Idol Season 8 semifinalist Arianna Afsar (watch her Idol audition video) won the title of Miss California this past weekend and will compete in the Miss America Pageant in January. Check out her winning reaction below. Her "ZOMG I WON?!?!" reaction puts Taylor Swift to shame here.

(thanks to @newbornstarr for the link)

Arianna just completed her freshman year at UCLA, where she won best duet at the annual Spring Sing competition.

Incidentally, another past Spring Sing winner was Sara Bareilles, who won twice, in 2002 and 2003. Sara also recorded an awesome version of "Gravity" with the campus singing group awaken a cappella back in 2003.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Video Of The Day - Barenaked Ladies Literal Video

It's been awhile since I've watched one of dascottjr's literal videos. And since I'm going to be seeing Barenaked Ladies next week, I thought I'd check out the "One Week" literal video. I'm not going to pretend this is going to be better than the Total Eclipse of the Heart literal video, but major props to the creator because this song is so fast-paced, I don't know how he managed to work in lyrics that fit the video. And they got a few doozies in there, with the exploding crotch and General Lee lines.

Check it out:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

David Archuleta Sings At Tejano Music Awards

David Archuleta was part of the Selena tribute at the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio, TX on Sunday, singing the late singer's "No Me Queda Mas" and "Como La Flor".

Video from the awards show, taken by takingchances211

No Me Queda Mas:

Como La Flor:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ryan Star 11:59 Track List Revealed

It has been a long wait, but Ryan Star's major label solo debut 11:59 will be released on August 3. For nearly the past four years, I've seen him sing a variety of songs in consideration for the album, and I've been dying to know what made the cut. now has the track list up, and I've heard and love every song on this album. There isn't a single song I would skip on this.

Two songs - "We Might Fall" and "Losing Your Memory" (!!!!) are from his indie CD, Songs from the Eye of an Elephant. I know that "We Might Fall" was retooled a bit from before, but I'm really interested to see if "Losing Your Memory" (aka the song that single-handedly made me buy everything he ever put out) was retooled.

The track list:
1. Brand New Day
2. Right Now
3. Last Train Home
4. Breathe
5. We Might Fall
6. This Could Be The Year
7. Unbreak
8. Start A Fire
9. Losing Your Memory
10. 11:59

Two notables that are missing are "You and Me" and "Somebody's Son". "You and Me" is amazing and needs to get out there. I have heard that it will be on a deluxe version, though, and hopefully there are other tracks that will join it because 10 songs isn't nearly enough.

Ryan is celebrating his CD release on Aug. 3 with a concert in New York City at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza. He also has dates around the country to support the release. For dates, visit his website at

Jordin Sparkles On Battlefield Tour

Jordin Sparks' Battlefield Tour hit Los Angeles on Friday night. Playing to a packed house at Club Nokia, she performed for about an hour and half songs from her Battlefield and eponymous albums, as well as "Breathe" from the musical In The Heights, which she will be performing in on Broadway this fall.

This is Jordin's first headlining tour, but she performed like a veteran, engaging the audience with her bubbly personality, working the entire stage and interacting with her band and backup singers. Dressed simply in an orange tank top and jeans, Jordin conveyed to the mostly teenage girl audience (overheard on the LA Live plaza as I was leaving: "Why are there so many teenagers here? Is there a Jonas Brothers concert tonight?") just the thing that helped her win American Idol - relatability. She's like the girl next door that you want to be BFFs with. Except that I don't know many girls in my neighborhood who can sing like that. Jordin's got pipes. That girl can flat-out sing. And she can sing for days. She was hitting as big of notes on her last song ("No Air") as she did nearly an hour and a half earlier at the top of the set. Jordin also showed some creativity, reggae-izing "No Air" after a lengthy and classy band introduction that allowed her 7-piece band to show off their skills (I was most impressed with her keyboardist and female backup singer. Those two can really sing!).

Highlights of Jordin's set for me were "Walking on Snow" (WHY was this not a single? That song is so good and catchy as heck! **gives side-eye to Jive), "No Parade", "Battlefield", "No Air", and "Art of Love", which she sang with the first Australian Idol winner, Guy Sebastian. I watched some of Guy's season on AusIdol, and I wasn't really a big fan, but he and Jordin sound great on this song, and the song is awesome. GO GET IT. And while you're at it, go get her Battlefield CD. It's only $5 at I was on the fence about buying it earlier, but I'm sold now. "Walking on Snow" convinced me.

The only real criticism I have of the show is that it took so long for Jordin to come out. She had three opening acts. Doors opened at 6:30, and she came out at 9 pm. The first act was a rap group whose name I didn't catch, and they performed one song (thankfully. That just wasn't the right fit for this show). Next up was boy band Days Difference, who were, um, enthusiastic (to a point of parody), then Ashlyne Huff, who was, um, cute and sang some songs I didn't know plus a cover of "Breakeven" by The Script. The funny thing is that Jordin came across as older than all of them. And isn't she "only 17!!!!!!!!111"? ;)

Here are a few videos from the show:


Breathe (partial):

Art Of Love:

No Air:

No Air (Reggae Reprise):

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

AI9 Tour Date Changes, Cancellations

Things are not looking good for the American Idol Season 9 Idols Live tour. The tour, which is being promoted by Live Nation, has announced some cancellations and schedule changes, with even the two finalists' hometown shows seeing date changes. The tour, which was scheduled to run till Sept. 16, will now end on Aug. 31.

The cities that had dates changed are:
Bridgeport, CT - moved from 9/13 to 7/9
Chicago, IL - moved from 8/30 to 8/28
Cincinnati, OH - moved from 9/3 to 8/30
Des Moines, IA - moved from 8/31 to 8/26
Indianapolis, IN - moved from 9/4 to 8/31
Minneapolis, MN - moved from 8/29 to 8/27
Pittsburgh, PA - moved from 9/14 to 7/21 in new venue (First Niagara Pavilion)
Toledo, OH - moved from 9/2 to 8/29

Cancelled shows are in:
Buffalo, NY - 9/10
Cleveland, OH - 9/11
Kansas City, MO - 8/27
Omaha, NE - 8/26
Portland, ME - 9/16
Toronto, ON - 9/9
Winnipeg, MB - 9/7

To see the latest full schedule, CLICK HERE.

There doesn't seem to be any official explanation being made for the date changes and cancellations, but it's clearly about sagging ticket sales. Media reported lots of empty seats and the curtained-off upper-deck at the opening show in Detroit (The Detroit News guesstimated the venue to be at about 2/3 capacity.

I feel bad for the Idols, since this is a good source of income that they are losing, and I also really feel bad for the fans of said Idols because a lot of people make plans to come to specific shows, and while one may be free to go to Bridgeport, CT on September 13, they may not have the time to book a quick trip there on July 9 on like 3 days notice. Also, Idol fans tend to make special trips to see the last show of the tour since it always ends up being somewhat epic, and that Portland, Maine show that was supposed to be on Sept. 16 is gone. This is just one big giant clusterfuck, and if people weren't already saying that Season 9 was the worst season of Idol ever, this is only providing support that it is.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Idols Included In July Amazon MP3 CD Specials

This month's $5 mp3 CD sale includes several albums by American Idols - winners Kelly Clarkson (All I Ever Wanted), Carrie Underwood (Some Hearts), Jordin Sparks (Battlefield), David Cook (David Cook) and Kris Allen (Kris Allen) and finalist Allison Iraheta (Just Like You).

Also on sale are the latest from The Script (The Script), Gorillaz (Plastic Beach), Taio Cruz (Rokstarr), OneRepublic (Waking Up), Adele (19), Jakob Dylan (Women And Country), Hole (Nobody's Daughter), Alpha Rev (New Morning), Leona Lewis (Echo), Dierks Bentley (Up On The Ridge) and Justin Timberlake (Future Sex/Love Sounds ..... and whoa has it really been 4 years since his last album?!). Greatest hits from the Beastie Boys, Lenny Kravitz, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts are also included.

To see the full list of $5 CDs for July, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

SYTYCD7 Top 9 - Boys Boys Boys

I've missed quite a few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance this month, and what do I come back to? Another show, another season of the "cute" boys outlasting the girls. So in other words, same ol', same ol'.

There are only three girls left in the competition, and I feel like no matter what, the judges are going to get rid of a guy, unless the bottom 3 consists of all girls (it shouldn't because Ashley, especially, was fantastic). Which is unfortunate because Melinda's gotta go. Sorry, but her salsa was lackluster and clunky and not at all sexy, and her tap solo was a bore (not a tap fan). If they do have a guy in the bottom 3, it's probably going to be curtains for that guy. Robert better hope he doesn't land there again because the judges will use the you've been in the bottom twice in a row now excuse to boot him. He danced well enough to stay. But will his fans vote more than they did last week when he landed in the bottom? Kent could also be a candidate to go, but judging from the high-pitched squeals that emanated from the pit, I'm thinking he's got fans. The judges were harsh on Billy as well, but he's not going to hit the bottom anytime soon.

Definitely not hitting the bottom anytime soon is Alex, who SLAYED an awesome hip-hop routine with Twitch, choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon. The ballet dancer holding his own with Twitch? That's impressive. And credit also to NappyTabs for designing a well-balanced routine for the two guys and to Twitch for partnering in a way that let Alex shine. I did think it was funny that the show was making such a big deal about having two guys dance with each other when it's been done for years in the finales (have a little Tranji).

This week's music/routine list:

AdéChiké/Lauren - Hip-Hop (choreographed by Dave Scott)
Hot-N-Fun by N.E.R.D. feat. Nelly Furtado (iTunes | Amazon)

Ashley/Ade - Contemporary (choreographed by Dee Caspary)
Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine (iTunes | Amazon)

Billy Bell - Solo
Something Bigger Something Better by Amanda Blank (iTunes | Amazon)

Robert/Courtney - Jazz (choreographed by Sonya Tayeh)
Xxxo by M.I.A. (iTunes | Amazon)

Jose Ruiz - Solo
Super Bad by James Brown (iTunes | Amazon)

Melinda/Pasha - Salsa (choreographed by Fabian Sanchez)
Magdalena, Mi Amor (Quimbara) by D.L.G. (iTunes | Amazon)

Kent Boyd - Solo
Down (Candelight Remix) by Jay Sean (iTunes | Amazon)

Alex Wong - solo
Rule The Planet from Planet of the Apes (iTunes | Amazon)

Lauren/Neil - Broadway (choreographed by Joey Dowling)
Let Me Entertain You by Debbie Gibson (iTunes | Amazon)

Ashley Galvan - Solo
Royal T by Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy (iTunes | Amazon)

Billy/Kathryn - Contemporary (choreographed by Stacey Tookey)
Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri (iTunes | Amazon)

Robert Roldan - Solo
Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne (iTunes | Amazon)

Jose/Anya - Samba (choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin)
Long Time by Shakira (iTunes | Amazon)

Melinda Sullivan - Solo
Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down by Alicia Keys (iTunes | Amazon)

Kent/Allison - Jazz (choreographed by Mandy Moore)
Heartburn by Alicia Keys (iTunes | Amazon)

AdéChiké Torbert - Solo
Ruthless Gravity by Craig Armstrong (iTunes | Amazon)

Lauren Froderman - Solo
Unchained Melody by Cyndi Lauper (iTunes | Amazon)

Alex/Twitch - Hip-Hop (choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon)
Outta Your Mind by Lil Jon & LMFAO (iTunes | Amazon)