Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Idol Gives Back ... With Wheat Thins

Kris Allen has been known for his charitable ventures, donating proceeds of his "Let It Be" single to Idol Gives Back and the UN Foundation and traveling to Haiti and Rwanda to help out. He extended his giving Monday night to the audience at his show in Nashville, throwing out Wheat Thins to the crowd and feeding opening act Green River Ordinance during their song "With A Little Help From My Friends." HA. That boy is so random sometimes.

Video by transplant42

Kris sang 16 songs in the Nashville show: Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Written All Over My Face, Lifetime, The Truth, Alright With Me, Maybe, Before We Come Undone, Paranoid Android, Man in the Mirror, Bring It Back, Red Guitar, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, Falling Slowly/With or Without You (encore), Come Together (encore).


Ric Brennan said...

janis Joplin used to wander aimlessly around stage with her bottle of whiskey. With Kris, it's a box of Wheat Thins. Ah, those rock stars!

nancy said...

Wheat Thins!!!
Wheat makes me think of organic; the Kris is definitely on the fit and thin side.
Wheat Thins and Kris fit very well.
I like both.