Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alright With Moo: $20k+ Raised For Heifer International

Kris Allen fans set far too modest of a goal in their charity fundraiser in honor of Kris's 25th birthday. Hoping to raise $500 for the charity Heifer International to purchase a cow for a family in need, the Alright With Moo group has instead raised over $20,000 in just four days, thanks to incredibly generous donations from people all around the world.

Some high-profile names have even contributed to spreading the word on the fundraising, notably Bill Gates, who featured the Alright With Moo birthday video (see below) and the Heifer International blog about the charity drive on his Daily on Twitter page.

Kudos to everyone who contributed to this great cause and to Kris Allen for inspiring such generosity. And if you're still feeling inspired to donate, $25,000 would be a nice even number to reach for Kris's 25th birthday. :)

Click here to join and donate to the Alright With Moo team

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