Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Sings Whataya Want From Me

Pink performed "Whataya Want From Me" yesterday at her concert in Germany. The song was written by her and recorded but not released, and Adam Lambert went on to record it for his debut album and turned it into a hit.

While intro'ing it, she said, "So I wrote this really silly song, and then I found a guy that could sing it way better than me, so it became his, and now I'm gonna sing it."

Here's video of her performance, from GolluM1973:

I don't know how to classify this. Is it a cover if it's her own song? Or is it a cover of a cover? Ehh, whatever it is, it's pretty cool that she sang it. Obviously she wouldn't be doing it if Adam hadn't made it popular, so good on both of them.


Kimberwyn said...

This song probably wouldve been an even bigger hit if she had sung it. I like Adam's version but it still sounds like a Pink song whenever I hear it.

Anonymous said...

Yes it would be considered a cover. It only "belongs" to the singer in the hierarchy although she gets paid for being the writer. Just like Adam's "Soaked" written by Matt Bellamy.

nancy said...

Everytime I hear this song from Adam. I always say I want nothing from you. I think this is a lame song. RCA put a lot of ads to make it big.

Anonymous said...

P!nk actually recorded it before Adam Lambert, but she decided not to include it on Funhouse. Just because she didn't release it first doesn't mean it's a cover - Adam covered P!nk's unreleased song.