Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert Perform At Kiss Concert 2010

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert performed at KISS 108's Kiss Concert 2010 in Mansfield, MA Saturday, helping to close an 18-act, 7.5-hour show with stellar performances and vocals that, quite honestly, were unmatched by most of the acts that preceded them.

Adam hit the stage at around 8 pm ET and sang five songs - Whataya Want From Me, Music Again, Strut, Sleepwalker, and If I Had You. His vocals blew away everyone else before him. My favorite song in the set was Sleepwalker, which is probably my second-favorite on Adam's album, after Whataya Want From Me. Bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff took his turn at lead guitar due to Monte Pittman's absence (his wife is having a baby) and did a nice job on the solo on this song. And I also have to say, I enjoyed If I Had You much more here than I had in previous performances this week. I think it's much better without the dancers.

YouTube videos ripped from Kiss 108 live stream -

Whataya Want From Me/Music Again:


If I Had You:

After a brief set by Iyaz, Kris closed the show with seven songs, singing Can't Stay Away, Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise, Alright With Me, The Truth, Is It Over, Live Like We're Dying, and Come Together. I've seen lots of Kris live shows both in person and on video, and this was one of my favorites. He looked like he was having such a blast, and he made some cool changes to a few of his songs, changing up the beginning of Heartless, adding a drum solo and a crowd sing-along to Live Like We're Dying, and adding a line in Is It Over ("wait a minute baby"). Most impressive to me, though, was this infectious energy that he brought to the stage. He was really engaging the audience, and it was like he was just sharing his music with them rather than just playing for them, if that makes any sense. The Script had that same kind of energy as well.

Can't Stay Away:

Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise:

Alright With Me (from kristennnm):

The Truth:

Is It Over:

Live Like We're Dying:

Come Together:

I watched all but the first two performers, and Kris, Adam, and The Script were the class of the show (although I did really enjoy the surprise performance of Bell Biv DeVoe, even if we only got to see one song. But it was a glorious one - Poison! Never trust a big butt and a smile ...). I think also that having a full band playing definitely helped set those three apart from, say, Jason DeRulo or Iyaz, who sang along to backing tracks. And strong vocals and performance skills set them apart from, say, Orianthi and Boys Like Girls, the latter of which murdered some falsettos during "Two Is Better Than One." Ke$ha was the other big name at the show, and, well, she and her music are kind of everything I hate about pop music, so the less said, the better. Say what you will about American Idol, but these Idol alums know how to sing live, and they know how to put on a show.

For all kinds of media from the concert, visit the Kiss 108 website. There are interviews, photos, and performances from all the acts. Make sure to check out Kris's podcast, where he says some very nice things about his band and about Adam.


chica said...

THanks for the great review! I wasnt able watch all of the cast, rushed home just in time to catch Adam and yes, he was AMAZING. He always is and I cant wait to see him on tour! The crowd was definitely going crazy for him and that intro the DJ gave him was perfect...said it all. Iyaz was, well, pittiful IMO. sorry. Kris' music isnt my taste but I watched part of his set because I like HIM..very much! He did look like he was having a great time and the crowd was loving it. Sounds like I didn't miss much buy coming in late. I saw what I wanted to ;) ADAM!

Anonymous said...

Kris is the besttttt! He 's simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

Kris is amazing and he sounded spectacular.
He is an improved Kris Allen when it comes to performing and engaging the audience and now we know why he won American idol. He can sing, no whistle and blows, just Jim ms his vocals was perfect. I'm not sure about Adam lambert I like what you want from me but his other songs is just garbage, too much screeching. Hood music sooth your soul and that's the artist legacy.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Kris finally showing his charisma and true rhythm without reservation. As always, he makes me feel that he's singing for me and with me. No pretentions, just honest-to-goodness performance. He cares about his audience and shows it. I love him.