Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Idols Do It Harry's Way

Harry Connick Jr. mentored the American Idol Top 5 on Frank Sinatra week in a way no other mentor has done before - he arranged the songs the Idols chose. So basically they did it Harry's way (which undermines a lot of what the judges preach all the time - making songs their own). But you know what? It's Harry Connick Jr., he's gorgeous, and he's fantastic at what he does in this genre. And it's the S9 Idols, and they are generally clueless, so the only thing about this I can really complain about is that it took like 12 minutes for the first performance to get going. WTH?

Aaron Kelly - Fly Me To The Moon (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Well, this is much better than how Aaron sounded in rehearsal, where if I wasn't looking at the screen I could have sworn I was listening to Kellie Pickler or some other female country singer like that. Harry must have worked on his vocals a lot. But he should have worked on Aaron's performance style as well. It's all so corny and ... Branson.

Casey James - Blue Skies (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Casey's pimp chat with Seacrest where he talked about his oblivious buddy asking him to play a $50 gig with him was hilarious and charming. That was about the only good thing going for Casey today because not so charming - his singing and horrible goat vibrato on any kind of held note. Not to mention his awkward performance style, sans guitar. Casey's been in the bottom 2 the last two weeks, and last week he was awesome. I don't think he can survive a bad performance anymore.

Crystal Bowersox - Summer Wind (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Crystal said that she picked the song for "personal reasons" and said she has a "deep connection" to the lyrics of the song. So here I am expecting another "People Get Ready" and got ... kind of nothing. Her voice sounded really lovely, but for as much as she talked about it being personal for her, I didn't really feel anything when she sang it. She just sang it. I didn't feel the connection. And the girl really needs to take some lessons from Tim Urban and stop being so mouthy and defensive with the judges. It's SUCH a big turnoff.

Michael Lynche - The Way You Look Tonight (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
OIC, Simon Cowell. Kris Allen's version is wet, but Big Mike's is fantastic? Is it because Big Mike has like 200 pounds on Kris Allen? I mean, yeah, he sang it well, but whoah the judges were going way OTT with the praise. Is it because everyone else has sucked today?

Lee DeWyze - That's Life (Studio Recording | Performance Video)
Harry Connick basically propositioned Lee for a threesome with his wife in the mentoring video. I'm sure he gave him some extra tutoring and an extra special arrangement that turned Lee into legitimately easily the best performer of the night. Vocals were spot on, performance was spot on. Lee totally owned tonight.

Casey's so done. I think Aaron will be in the bottom with him, but it will be interesting to see how they manage eliminations tomorrow. Will they do a bottom 3 like last year? And who will they Huff this year? My guess is Crystal. Let's just drive her further into an inevitable breakdown by the end of the season, why don't we?

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