Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Daughtry, Lifehouse, Cavo At Nokia Theatre

Daughtry, Lifehouse and Cavo performed in front of a sell-out crowd at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles Monday night. Daughtry put out a loud, high-energy show with total rock star lighting and lasers. Highlights for me were awesome covers of "In The Air Tonight" and "Rebel Yell" and a collaboration with Jason Wade of Lifehouse during the encore with a mashup of sorts of "Home" and "You And Me."

Having never seen Daughtry live before and having only seen Chris at the American Idol finales in Season 5 and 6, I was impressed with how he engages the crowd, particularly on "Over You," which was not one of my favorite singles of theirs but one that I really liked live. There were a couple other songs that I liked more live as well, including "No Surprise", even though he doesn't even try to hit those higher power notes in the chorus anymore, and "It's Not Over". I also really enjoyed their new single "September," which Chris introduced as probably his most personal song on the new record. And "In The Air Tonight," which was basically just Chris on acoustic with necessary drumming, was SO good vocally and visually.


In The Air Tonight:

The thing with Daughtry is that when you're watching them, you're not thinking American Idol at all. But then again, when Chris was on the show, he always gave off those vibes (which was a blessing and a curse because while I always thought that his "bigger than the show" vibes, whether put off by him or others onto him, were what got him booted in the first place, it's also what has helped him become as successful as he has). When people can stop looking at you as an American Idol person, you're pretty much gold.

The encore was pretty bad-ass. First of all, the crowd was SO. LOUD. after they initially left the stage. You kind of expect LA crowds to be a little blase, but this crowd really wanted the encore. It was pretty impressive. They came back out and did Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell," which was amazing. It might just be that I love the song, but that performance might have been my favorite of the night. They followed that up with "Home", which stopped after the first chorus, went dark and then went into Lifehouse's "You and Me", with Jason Wade singing lead and Chris Daughtry harmonizing on backup vocals. Then it went back to "Home" again, with the two trading leads. The transitions between songs could be better, but the harmonies are gorgeous.

Home/You And Me:

Lifehouse has quietly become one of my favorite bands. I've always loved their songs, but now I'm really looking forward to seeing them more in concert as well. They're more rock than their radio hits show, but I will forever be in love with their ballads like "You and Me", "Everything", "Broken", "Storm", and "Whatever It Takes". I think because they were opening for a rock band, most of those songs did not make the setlist, and I'm really hoping a headlining show will have them singing more ballads because Jason Wade's lower register on swoony songs is TMTH.

The First Time:

Opening the show was Cavo, who I only know from their single "Let It Go," which I do like and hear on radio occasionally. They sang another song I liked, one that wasn't so heavy as some of the other songs they played, but I can't remember the title. That's kind of my issue with these guys. They're good, but they're not very distinguishable from other acts yet. But they have potential. "Let It Go" is a good song.

Let It Go:

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