Saturday, April 10, 2010

Video Of Kris Allen In Rwanda During Shoe Drop

A lovely video package from Kris Allen's Rwanda trip with TOMS Shoes, Bridge2Rwanda and Heifer International has been made public. It's a beautifully-done video that is impossible not to be moved by. These organizations are doing amazing things in Rwanda, and you can see it on the children's faces and in their smiles.

Kris sings "Amazing Grace" in the video. In the presence of giggling babies. The cute is unreal.

The description on the video says:
This is a highlight of an incredible collaborative effort between Bridge 2 Rwanda, Heifer international, Toms Shoes, and Kris Allen. When amazing people come together for a purpose greater than themselves lives are changed. This week long effort is a small piece of something larger that anyone can become apart of. As the people of Rwanda would say "Murakoze" (Thank You).


Anonymous said...

Kris is not only supremely talented but is a truly special person.

Christine said...

After I watched that video, I went and bought a pair of TOMS shoes online!